5 Essential Qualities For Successfully Managing Your Team 

A team is only as strong as the person leading it.  An excellent manager is critical in order to bring out the best in their staff and ensure quality service. 

Knowledge of the product alone isn’t enough.  In order to inspire greatness, a manager should encompass numerous qualities.  Here are some of the essential qualities that a manager needs to lead a strong team.


Without structure, a project would fail to come to fruition.  Regardless of what industry you’re in, structure is there to guide employees to work within the parameters of the project details.  Straying outside of them or losing focus can lead to chaos.

A good manager knows how to implement systems which will increase productivity and speed up the working process.  Rather than allowing themselves to get distracted by minor details, they keep their eye on the big picture by creating a system which keeps the team focused and informed.


One of the biggest reasons why so many teams fail is because of a lack of communication.  It’s essential to stay in communication in order to make sure that everyone is on board.

Communication is about staying focused and informing the rest of the team of any important details which could affect their role.  Without communication, people can step over each other’s work, and make critical errors which could be disastrous.


People don’t respond as well to managers who are robotic and emotionless.  In order to evoke inspiration and superior performances from your workers, you should be human.  Show emotion and be compassionate.

Your team needs someone that they can relate to and talk to if they have concerns they need to voice.  If they feel like you’re not willing to listen to open your door, then you’ll lose your relationship with your team.


Just like any good leader or parent, discipline is essential.  Discipline is necessary in order to master your skills and stay focused on the big picture.  You shouldn’t just enforce discipline on your team, but you should also be an example.

Your actions should always be a reflection of what you preach.  Show your team that you’re more than someone who barks orders.  You’re also someone who lives by what you say.


Creativity is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a strong manager.  Often problems arise in the workplace that don’t have an obvious solution.  In order to tackle these challenges, it takes an out-of-the-box thinker who isn’t afraid to try something new.

Being a creative problem solver can help your team through situations which they thought were never possible to solve.  However, because of your openness to new ideas, you were able to power through.