5 Essential Writing Apps for College Students

Those who have ever attended college or university know firsthand how many papers should be written during the studies: summaries and synopses for one discipline, essays, and research papers for another. And besides, there’s coursework and a senior essay. A lot of work to be done! So why don’t we streamline it?

Benefits of Apps

Today, we’ve got access to plenty of apps and extensions. Want to listen to music when commute? You open Spotify or Apple Music. Want to relax and watch your favorite blogger? Then you go on YouTube. Is it time to workout? Again, you turn to some specific apps.

Applications pretty much for everything already have come into the scene. It means that there’re apps for study as well. There are apps helping you stay organized and focused, and apps correcting mistakes and checking grammar.

But how to choose the best ones for writing essays? This article has highlighted the best apps suitable for writing any type of essay, whether it’s an expository essay full of facts, statistics, and figures, or a narrative one just telling a story.

Develop Your Self-Control

Let’s face it. There’re two hardest aspects of writing an essay. The first one is to concentrate and start writing first lines. And the second one is to stay focused. As soon as you get down to writing, you receive tons of notifications, then some viral video catches your eye, and 40 minutes later, you find yourself reading an interview with first Johnny Depp’s wife.

To prevent such situations, install the SelfControl app. SelfControl is a free app for macOS, allowing you to block your own access to revulsive websites. Select any website, social network, mail server, or anything else on the Internet, and set a period of time to block for. The app adds the sites to the blacklist, so you’ll be unable to access those sites until that timer expires. Trying to restart your laptop or delete the application is useless. It won’t work!

If you’re not ready to make such sacrifices, contact specialists. Some writing platforms allow hiring professional academic writers, and now many students get essays from them. It definitely saves time, but try not to overuse it.

Grammar Made Easy with Grammarly

It’s not a secret that an elaborate and informative content is only half of the battle. Not a single professor will give you A or B+ if the essay is abundant in grammar mistakes.

By using Grammarly, you reduce the time for subtracting tonnes of pages in search of an incorrect preposition or unnecessary comma. Grammarly is a free online writing assistant based on artificial intelligence. When you make a spelling mistake, Grammarly corrects it straight away. Except for grammar and spell checking, the app suggests style improvements and vocabulary enhancements. You can accept a change simply by tapping it. A couple of days and you’ve already got used to this app. So it becomes hard to imagine how you wrote before.

On top of that, Grammarly is free to download. Just install Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome or any other browser you use, and you’ll get an excellent writing assistant. It literally takes 2 minutes!

Speak with Dragon Anywhere

For those who find typing tiring or want to speed up the process of writing, Dragon Anywhere is a perfect solution. It’s a free professional-grade mobile dictation service. This application becomes a great helper of yours in the writing process. It allows you not to be distracted by rewriting so that you can dictate your thoughts right away while studying. The app has no time or length limits. It helps create, edit, format, and share documents directly from your mobile device. It’s an irreplaceable thing when you don’t have a laptop at hand. Take notes, and use them later in your current writing system.

Organize Your Notes with Scrivener

Students are swamped with multiple notes, articles, researches, and other documents when preparing an essay or coursework. Scrivener app helps you manage notes, documents, and metadata. The app is perfect for long writing projects. It allows you to compose the text in any order, in sections as large or small as you like. So your brilliant idea won’t get lost if you can’t find a place for it at once. After writing a text, you can export it for the final formatting to a standard word processor.

Quote with EasyBib

EasyBib is a platform that provides quoting, note-taking, and research tools that are easy-to-use and educational. It permits you to deal with such a tedious part of writing an essay as making a list of quotes. The app lets format the list of references in all quoting styles. The application has a free and advanced paid versions. In addition, EasyBib has launched an EasyBib Toolbar extension for Google Chrome, allowing you to cite web sites with one click.

Whether you are a first-year college student or a graduate, these apps optimize a complicated process of essay writing and make your study both convenient and more pleasurable.