5 Important Things for Preschoolers To Learn Early

From the very moment a child is born they are starting to learn. By the time a young child reaches preschool age, their growing minds and bodies are developing at a rapid rate. The brain of a preschooler is hungry for knowledge and learns quickly, which is why it’s such an important time to ensure your preschool-aged child is focused on learning things that will set them up for a more positive and stable life to come.

Let’s look at just some of the important things for preschoolers to learn early, so they get the best start in life.

#1 – Self-Confidence

A lack of self-confidence will not only hinder a young child’s ability to grow, develop and be social, it will also become a problem later on in life. There are countless ways for kids to build their self-confidence, from having responsibilities around the home, spending time interacting with their peers, developing their skills and talents, being encouraged to communicate and not be shy and so much more.

Anything that parents and older siblings can do to build self-confidence in a young child should be adopted. Not only should you actively seek out ways to build confidence in a child, but also be aware of the things that can kill their confidence. Being over-protective is one example. So is expecting perfection.

#2 – Developing a Sense of Independence

The sooner a young child can develop a degree of independence, the better it will be for them. Becoming somewhat independent at an early age not only builds confidence as in the point above, but also reduces the likelihood of separation anxiety when it’s time for that child to start school.

Allowing kids to make some basic decisions is one step you can take towards teaching them independence. Also, giving kids responsibilities is another, such as taking care of certain chores around the home, helping to prepare meals, trusting them to perform simple tasks without micromanaging their every move.

#3 – Encourage Kids To Be Physically Active

Developing gross and fine motor skills is a very important part of a young child’s early development. After all, developing a strong body is just as vital as nurturing the mind. Things like balance, coordination, endurance, strength, eye and hand coordination and so much more can be improved and fine-tuned at a very young age.

Regular physical activity is essential at any age in life, but it’s an even higher priority when young kids are rapidly developing and growing. Whether they are out in the yard playing with other kids, are involved in a sport, or even indoors doing puzzles or other body/mind activities, these will all increase a child’s motor skills, build their fitness and strength, improve coordination and, perhaps most importantly, feed a young child’s self-confidence and belief in themselves.

#4 – Allow Kids To Make Mistakes

Expecting a young child to be perfect is not going to help them develop into confident adults. We all need to make mistakes in order to learn, grow and progress. If a child makes a mistake, unless it’s a critical error, there’s really no need to chastise them for it. Encourage them to keep persisting or, if a certain task or activity is currently proving too difficult for them to master, encourage them to do something a little easier so their confidence will develop rather than taking a dent.

#5 – Enrol Your Child In Preschool Or An Early Education Centre

One of the very best ways you can ensure your young child receives a good balance of both physical and mental development is to enrol them in an early learning centre that offers a broad curriculum encompassing things like basic education, physical activity, programs to develop confidence and social skills, teaches children about nutrition, offers a school readiness program and more.

To find a centre near you, just search online. For instance, if you’re in the Concord area of NSW, try searching for:

The Wrap

Raising a child the best way isn’t about perfect parenting. Just simply focusing on positive ways you can help a young child develop will set them on a positive path in life.