5 Keys to Hiring a Cooperative Sales Team

When you’re assembling a highly skilled sales team, you need employees who are out for more than their own profit, you need individuals who can work as a team and care about the overall success of your company. Whether you’re putting together a brand new staff or looking to add some new members to an existing team and want to make sure they’ll make a good fit, these 5 points of focus will be worth considering.

Avoid Ruthless Attitudes

In the world of high-stakes, commission-based sales, it can be easy for your employees to step on each other’s toes every so often. As a responsible manager, you’ll want to avoid any strife in the workplace – not just so that your employees relate to each other better but because a cooperative sales team can increase the productivity and profits of a company overall.

A Bit of Competition is a Good Thing

That said, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition on a sales force. Let’s face it, if your team is too nice to each other, then they’ll be less motivated to earn the top sales spot in the company, which will slow down the productivity of the whole team. It takes a skilled manager to keep a sales team motivated to successfully compete together with the right balance of healthy competition and comradery.

Hiring the Right People

A large part of what it takes to achieve that perfect balance is up to your managerial skills, but an important part of being a good sales manager is knowing how to pick the right employees. When you’re looking for applicants with a highly talented skill set, it’s good to know where to get help making your next hire for the sales team.

The Right Skills For Your Team

While you’re main focus will be centered on the skills that make for a successful salesperson – like an excellent performance record, a likeable personality and a good work ethic – you should also be on the lookout for candidates that fit the personality and culture of your sales team in order to strike the right balance that makes for a good fit. It also doesn’t hurt to consider which candidates will make good team players in general.

Look for Complementary Skills

Every member of your teams doesn’t have to have the same talents or excel at the same style of selling. If your team already contains experts in one area, then consider hiring people that are better at roles where your team may be weak. Better yet, try to focus on skills that might compliment each other during the sale – you just might end up with a critical partnership that will prove a great benefit to your profits.

These 5 tips can benefit anyone who is eager to get their sales team functioning at the highest productivity levels, but ultimately the fundamental key to a cooperative sales team is to find that perfect balance between motivating competition and a strong sense of mutual support.