5 Life-Changing Tools for Photographers

Technology is making everyone’s jobs easier, including that of photographers. If you make a living taking photos, there are a lot of tools that will make a huge difference for you. Here are five life-changing tools for photographers.

Smart Photo Manager

To start, there is ibi the smart photo manager, which will do wonders for your organization. As a great tool, ibi can store over 250,000 photos with its Terabyte of storage, so you never have to worry about not having room for all your clients’ photos. You can drag and drop pictures from your computer to back them up on your ibi, and you can even back up files directly from your hard drive or flash drive. The absolute last thing you want is to lose photos of a wedding or other special event that you’ve worked on. With a smart photo manager, that fear will never become a reality. Rest assured that your pictures are successfully saved and you’ll never accidentally overwrite them or delete them.


Virtual Phone System

virtual phone system is the perfect tool for photographers who manage a good amount of clients. With Talkroute, you can choose a custom business phone number and avoid giving clients your personal phone number. You’ll have the power to make and receive business calls from your smartphone or your desktop computer. You can text with customers and check your voicemails anywhere. You even have the ability to set business hours. Managing your clients through a virtual phone system will help you separate your business life from your personal life. Nothing will fall through the cracks when it’s organized like this, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t implement this system sooner.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop lets you perfect your pictures. You can make small changes or big ones to create a truly unique photograph. Every picture will need to be touched up at least a little. If you’re a wedding photographer, you’ll need to erase blemishes or correct the natural lighting of the day. If you take more adventurous photos, like a session for a local cosplayer, you might want to create original and exciting backgrounds or change the lighting more dramatically. Adobe Photoshop allows you to make any changes you want to create the perfect picture.



Evernote is a great tool for organizing your work. When you’re a professional photographer, you’re a small business owner. Never miss a step with Evernote. You can create a checklist of everything you need to bring to certain gigs or a different checklist for each client. If you work with a partner, you can both set the permission sharing options so you each have access to edit. You can even set reminders for each task so you never forget anything. Having a way to organize your work is crucial if you want to be a real professional, so use Evernote to keep your work orderly.


Camera Harness

All your trusty tools don’t have to be digital. The right camera harness can make a huge difference in your work. A harness keeps your camera (or cameras) secure and makes it easy for you to accomplish multiple tasks throughout your day, like helping the bride fix her hair before you take a picture. With a harness, you can comfortably hold your camera without worrying about dropping it or putting it down somewhere unsafe. This is a tool that’s definitely a must-have in your kit, so find one that fits you right and looks good, too.

With these five tools, you’ll have no trouble managing all your gigs, from weddings to headshots. Use these tools to your advantage and watching your business thrive.