5 Reasons To Promote Your Business With Reusable Shopping Bags

When you’re trying to increase the visibility and awareness of your business, nothing creates a positive impression quite like a free or low cost promotional item. Pens, keychains, and similar items often fall into this category but there’s one type of item that occasionally gets overlooked as promotional gold: a reusable tote or shopping bag. Whether you’re giving them away at an open house, special event, at the register, or through the mail, a tote bag is an inexpensive gift for clients that has a high return value for your business. Here are five reasons to promote your business with custom tote bags today. 


When it all comes down to it, the standard plastic bags we get from the grocery store aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly things around. A typical plastic bag is made the same way as other plastics, from crude oil. They’re not biodegradable and end up taking up space in landfills. They can be recycled and made into other materials, but people usually just discard them. Reusing a bag as many times as possible is the best for the environment. But getting a reusable bag that’s not made from plastic is even better. That’s one reason why so many people have been switching over to reusable bags more often over the past few years. With this shift to a more eco-friendly way of carrying/storing goods, you can take the opportunity to promote your business while simultaneously helping people reduce their carbon footprint. 


Sometimes, having a reusable bag when you go shopping is a great boon to the experience. Increasingly, stores are actually starting to charge customers to use those standard plastic bags. Your reusable plastic bag will cut back on that kind of spending and give your customers more of a positive association with your business knowing that you aren’t going to charge them for plastic bags if they’re using a reusable one. Since families use over a thousand shopping bags each year, taking advantage of the reusability of a tote bag seems like just common sense. If you want to appeal to your customers and help them save additional money while patronizing your business, offering reusable bags is probably the best way to go.

Unique Materials

Reusable bags aren’t merely reusable, they can come in different styles made from different materials too. Here are just a few of them:

  • Cotton
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Jute
  • Canvas
  • Recycled plastic
  • Hemp
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

All of these materials have several things in common. They’re durable, recyclable or made from recycled materials (any plastic ones fall into this category), biodegradable, and are also predominantly constructed from renewable resources. Unlike standard plastic bags, these materials all result in sturdy and durable bags that can be reused over and over again.


Generally speaking, custom reusable bags are a good choice for promoting your business simply because you can place your logo on the bag. Then, you can sell, give away, or otherwise distribute the bags to your clients and customers. When customers take the bags elsewhere, other people will see your logo and get an impression of your business. Maybe curious to see what your business is all about and decide to come in at some point. They might even buy a customizable bag of their own which will then further advertise your business. The custom logo or information that you put on the bag can say a lot about your organization without costing much on the marketing side of things.

Customizable bags are also an inexpensive investment for your business. You can just order a small quantity if you’re not anticipating high demand in order to get the word out. You can adjust the order as you go, eventually getting higher quantities to meet your needs.

Business Exposure

At the end of it all, you may still wonder how promotions yourself with reusable bags will positively impact your business. It all comes down to making other people aware that your business exists. The logo on the bag doesn’t need to really tell people what you do, it just needs to get their interest. Once they’re interested, they can contact you or go visit your establishment. In this manner, you’re generating interest in your organization and gaining valuable marketing exposure. A good way to distribute bags is to hand them out at trade shows or events along with additional information about your business. You can also sell them or provide them as a courtesy to patrons. Either way, leveraging these promotional items will ultimately lead to higher brand visibility over time.