5 Reasons Translation is important in Business

If you’ve done all your dealings in one language (English) until now, you’d probably find the idea of hiring a translating service for your company a little redundant. After all, you argue, isn’t English the most commonly spoken language in the world? Indeed, you’ve dealt with quite a few foreign businesses too, and you’ve been able to get along fine with just English till now.

Well, here are five reasons to convince you otherwise:

1 – Building better relations with foreign companies

You may have good relations with a foreign business partner, but it will never evolve to a great one unless you make an effort to communicate with them in their language. Much as you’d prefer to deal with them in English, they would also like to converse in their language and going the extra mile to do so would help you build more trusting and lasting relationships with them. You may even be able to reach out to companies that can’t communicate in English and may make some very lucrative partnerships in the process or can find services which teach english online.

2 – Placing your stronghold in a foreign market

If your website has been up for a while, chances are you may have been approached by at least a few foreign clients interested in your service. And more likely than not, you may have had to turn them away because you couldn’t properly communicate with them. Well, if your company has translation services then you would even be able to extend your market further beyond your local reach. And a higher market share always means more profits.

3 – Avoiding miscommunication

One of the biggest (and most unfortunate) problems that can occur during a business deal between different parties is miscommunication. When neither party has a strong command over the other’s language, this problem is very likely to occur and can result in the severing of business relations due to the simplest of mistakes. This is why having translation during these deals is extremely important, lest your company should lose significant business contracts or valuable partners instead.

4 – Greater local customer base

You may think translation services would only increase your company’s performance abroad. However, as it turns out, translation can also help you get a better grip on your local market too, especially the immigrants living in your locality. These people prefer to stick in their communities and do business with shops that speak their languages since they’re able to communicate with them. So if your company were to be able to communicate with these people, you would necessarily be able to gain their trust and hence their business.

5 – Better communication and customer support

Everyone hates having to deal with incompetent customer support, and this frustration is multiplied if the person on the other end can’t even understand what you’re trying to say. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard-earned customers just because you couldn’t understand the most straightforward their problems, now would you?


Reviewing all the above points, it’s safe to say that translation is very important when you’re communicating with foreign businesses. The proper translation that is; the amount of damage misinterpretation can do is no joke. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not take a look at this infographic to see what I mean.