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5 Software Tools Every Startup Needs for Seamless Operations

Being an entrepreneur is existing as well as challenging.

You don’t really have a lot of money to spend but you also need to grow your business and reach out to your potential customers and hire wonderful people, who are like-minded and talented.

And yes, how can we forget that you must wear multiple hats and take up a lot of responsibilities simultaneously.

Be it invoicing, crediting salaries, keeping record of everything, basic administrative stuff, there is a lot.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for some actual help getting started with managing your baby organization?

We have something for you! Here, we have curated a list of top five software tools every startup needs for seamless operations. Alternatively you can also check on for best softwares.

Let’s dive into it and uncover the success secret.

Contact Management Software

Leads are crucial to business success.

And, once someone is in your radar, it would be foolish to let them go just like that.

Not just leads, but it’s equally important to have a database of all your business contacts so that you can reach out to them with new service offerings or products.

A contact management system like this is an online address book, in the most basic sense.

It is vital to any start-up’s growth.

The address book software allows you to have a database of all of your contacts in a centralized manner, so that you can leverage the power of your network to the maximum.

Thus, the next time you face a lead crisis, turn to your address book software and exhaust the opportunities you already have at hand.

Project Management Software

If you are an executive turned manager, you may be having a hard time managing multiple projects simultaneously.

A nice project management tool would help you keep track of all the project updates and keep you from missing any deadlines.

A project management tool is an absolute must to stay on top of everything and have a bird’s eye view.

It lets you split the seemingly huge job into achievable tasks and goals, and delegate tasks to your team members for quick and efficient execution.

It boosts productivity and lets you create schedules like a pro.

Further, it becomes even more important if you don;t have rented out an office yet and are working remotely.

You can’t meet your team members daily, neither can you hop on a call for minor updates. Thus, a project management tool helps everyone in the team stay on the same page.

Email Marketing Software

If your company is just in the budding stage, you may not have a lot of funds for marketing.

But, you need to promote your business.

You must reach out to people that you have started providing a service that may be of value to them.

How do you do this?

Since you are being selective with where you invest your funds, you must be careful and invest in the right channels for promotion.

Email marketing is a tried and tested way of reaching your lead generation and sales targets.

It lets you convey your message in a personalized way and reach out to leads individually.

Your audience is likely to engage with emails better as compared to other forms of paid advertising.

Analyze your business goals and select a nice email marketing plan that lets you achieve your goals without going overboard with the money.

And, the good news is that a lot of affordable options are available.

An SEO Tool

If you are relying totally on paid modes of advertising, you may incur loss in the long run.

It’s utterly important to work on driving organic traffic to your website and promote your business.

Your business must be visible on the web on its own.

Search engine optimization is how you do that.

Couple your paid marketing efforts with SEO and see the magic!

For instance, capture leads through great content offers, and organic social media promotion.

For all of this, you’d need a nice SEO tool that helps you discover relevant keywords and content ideas.

An SEO tool is a multi-purpose tool that lets you research keywords, find interesting content ideas that people are actually searching for and want to read and a lot more.

Amongst a lot of SEO tools available these days, choose the one that offers multiple features and can be accessed by all of your team members.

Google Drive and Other Related Tools

Finally, you need a tool for editing and creating documents, PPTs and spreadsheets.

Use Google Drive for collaborative sharing of files and documents with your team.

It comes power packed with other useful tools such as Google Documents, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.

Make interesting PPTs, manage spreadsheets and edit documents online collaboratively with your team members.

And, the best part is that you don’t even get lost in a sea of documents, all that you need to share is the Google Drive link and you are good to go.

This combo package can be a nice replacement for MS-Office (if you don’t want to buy an O-365 license yet).

So, how does this sound?

We are sure that these tools would help you get started in an effective way and maximize your productivity over time.

Being an entrepreneur calls for more dedication and will power than anything else.

You must be smart in your approach towards everything. Right from choosing the software to execution of tasks, you should strive to achieve perfection, but in an optimized way.

Don’t be stuck on something forever. Get things done. Always be ready to complete tasks and don’t let any initial failures bog you down.

If you believe in yourself and feel that you have what it takes to take the risks and emerge successful, you should definitely quit your 9-5.

Take the path less travelled by and see how it would make all the difference.

Be your own boss and explore a never ending world of opportunities.

Be an entrepreneur. Good luck!