5 Things Businesses Are Looking For In Their Employees

When you on the search for a new job, it’s common to find yourself wondering what your potential employers are looking for and whether you fit the bill or not.

Although no employer is looking for exactly the same thing since job descriptions can vary, there are certain things all employers want when staffing their company which are a must.

Here are some of the most important things employers will be looking for during their hiring process.

Ability To Fit The Group Dynamic

Employers want to make sure that they find a person who fits into the working environment.  Since teamwork is an essential part of any company, a good business knows that finding candidates who can collaborate with their coworkers is essential

Therefore it’s a priority for them to find someone who is personable and will fit into the particular dynamic of the company. If the person doing the hiring has any doubt that you may not comfortably assimilate into the work culture of their company, they will likely not offer the job.  It’s not only in the best interest of their company but also for you.

Positive Attitude

Studies prove that employees who are happy produce better work and stick around with the company for a longer period of time.  Whereas those who are disgruntled won’t just produce less than ideal work, but they’ll even bring down their teammates with their negativity.  This ripple effect makes it crucial that they bring on happy and upbeat employees.

This is a huge reason why being “overqualified” for a position doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get the job.  Often if a hiring manager suspects you are taking a step down in your career rather than going up, you won’t be happy with your job and may be a liability.


Every job has its good days and its bad days.  No matter what industry you’re in, there are times you may find a customer demanding, a deadline too challenging, or a project incredibly overwhelming.  Therefore, it takes a patience person to be able to stick with it even when the going gets rough.

An employer wants to know that you have the ability to stay strong and work diligently even when challenges arise.


While a positive outlook and patience are redeeming qualities, even better is someone who is truly passionate about their job.  Enthusiastic and passionate employees require less direction and are usually more productive overall.

If you’re after a job which your heart is only half into, an employer will sense it right away and probably choose someone else more excited about the job.