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5 Tips and Tricks for FBA eCommerce in 2019

Amazon’s constant growth of fulfillment this past year has shown that it’s quickly turning into one of the most significant trends in global eСommerce. It lets anyone sell online. The best part is that it is hassle-free in regards to both logistics and customer service. All that Amazon asks in return is a small commission for warehousing your items as well as for carrying out customer fulfillment.

It is a good offer since Amazon’s website traffic will be entering your store. Also, you get to take advantage of their logistics team which happens to be the fastest in the world.

FBA revolves around you delivering your goods to an Amazon fulfillment center and then listing your items online in an Amazon storefront while Amazon then handles the rest of the process. By utilizing this model, you can put your time and efforts into marketing your company — that way you are making the most profit possible.

If you are thinking about creating your own FBA eСommerce company or already are an FBA seller, keep reading to find out five tips and tricks to use within your marketing endeavors to boost traffic to your site as well as raise customer conversion.

1.    Make Captivating Descriptions

More often than not, you end up visiting an Amazon sales pages that have terrible item descriptions. The thing is, though, product descriptions matter. They are a crucial part of on-page SEO, which you can utilize to boost more traffic onto your Amazon sales page. Therefore, it’s vital to put in your main keywords when creating 100-150 word item descriptions.

2.    Educate Yourself on Facebook Ads

If you are finding it challenging to promote your FBA company, educate yourself on how to use Facebook ads and watch your sales start to soar.

Target your Facebook ad-sets towards a particular industry. The more narrow your target audience is, the higher the chance that you’ll make a sale. The ROI from this method has proven to provide better results than any other marketing strategy that you could use.

3.    Take Advantage of Tools — That Way You Remain Competitive

There are so many FBA sellers online that are all competing against one another in same industries. Therefore, if you want your FBA company to remain competitive, you need to update your pricing strategy.

Utilize competitive pricing to analyze the pricing trends that are occurring throughout every single one of your items. The software goes through hundreds upon hundreds of SKUs which, in return, provides you with an average pricing report. Take this information to your advantage to alter your prices based on the results.

4.    Offer an Incentive for Writing Reviews

Google search continues to place vital importance on your company’s customer reviews. Therefore, invite your clients to write reviews on both Amazon and Google. When doing so, offer them a discount voucher or any other form of incentive from your marketing method — that way you get them to act on your offer.

5.    Leverage Social Media

There are other platforms besides Facebook that can boost traffic to your FBA sales pages such as Twitter and Instagram. All the three networks are instrumental in gaining some traction:

  • Use Twitter when refreshing your current user base of sales and discounts as well as when you are looking into releasing some new items.
  • Use Instagram to show your products.
  • Use Facebook to bring your items into the feeds of your potential buyers.


Just as with any other online strategy, you need to put in both the time and effort into getting results from your work. However, it’s not impossible to get your company to stand out from the rest of the FBA sellers, granted you end up utilizing the methods from the article:

  • Craft informative and engaging product descriptions.
  • Use Facebook Ads.
  • Benefit from a variety of tools to optimize pricing.
  • Encourage your customers to give online feedback.
  • Unleash the power of social media.

Try out a few of the concepts yourself in the next several weeks and keep track of the outcomes.