5 Tips to Boost Productivity of Home Workers

With more employees opting to work from home than ever before in the history of business, it is important to understand what will drive these workers’ productivity. It is the business question of the moment.

More than 43% of American workers note that they would like to continue to work from home even after the economy has re-opened. Considering whether to promote the trend in working from home in any organization is not an easy decision, but this article can provide some useful insights into how to ensure productive and powerful home workers.

The right attitude

Both the employer and the employee need to have the right attitude towards the home working initiative. The employee must still be seen as part of the office team, and although their business function can be conducted remotely, it is still a critical element of the business.

The right tech

Without the appropriate technology, remote or home working will simply not be possible. All remote workers need to be connected to the office. The Cloud allows for this in a seamless fashion; however, workers will need suitable hardware as well as the software to be able to interact and perform the business functions wherever they are. A trending solution has been for businesses to secure a tech consultant such as ovatiotech.com, who are a great example of how to get the right tech for your specific business.

The right support

Both software, hardware and the mental state of the remote worker must be supported. There will be software glitches and hardware failures, as well as personnel issues that will need to be dealt with. A large number of businesses have made the mistake of cutting HR for remote workers only to find that productivity decreases as workers feel that they have no support. HR, employee wellness, and the ergonomics of the home office should be as important in remote work as it is for office-based work.

The right hours

If remote work is an option, then to ensure productivity, all remote workers must be offered the ability to work hours that suit their lifestyle but also suit the business. It has been proven that when allowed to work flexibly around home commitments, workers are able to achieve higher levels of productivity. A flexible worker is a happy worker, and a happy worker is more productive.

The right leadership

The manner in which remote workers are managed and led is critical for productivity. There are many suggested remote management techniques that have come to the fore in recent times, but the accepted key in this regard is to provide the best conditions for work and maintain these. Micromanagement has been noted as the main reason for lowered productivity of remote workers. Good leadership is key; set the tone, provide the tech and the space to do the work, and then leave the workers to it.

These are five simple tips that every business where remote working is practiced can use and tweak to suit their business needs and increase worker productivity.