5 Top Tips To Become a Workplace Politics Rebel

Workplaces are complex. It is not just a case of heading in, doing your job well, and then heading home; perhaps even getting a little recognition regarding your excellent work. This may just about be possible if you work by yourself!

The fact is that everyone has their own agenda and their own role to play. This results in workplace politics. A perfect example is the look of disdain you receive when you roll in at 10 am. At least one of your co-workers will have been there at eight and assume that you don’t work as hard as them.

Of course, there are many reasons to roll in at ten, such as that’s when you start, you’ve been in a meeting, seeing a client, or a hundred other reasons. But, indulging and arguing about it benefits no one. Instead, it’s time to rise above the workplace politics and be a rebel.

  1. Results Matter

It isn’t the number of hours you spend in the office that matters, it’s the results. Your boss will not question when you are in the office and when you appear to be late, providing you are doing the work and giving them the expected results, or better.

Arrange with them to be able to work partly from home and focus on using your time productively, skipping the office gossip. It will allow you to ignore the politics, get more work done, and have more free time.

  1. Define results

If your job is focused on results then it can be a good idea to sit down and discuss what defines the results. By creating a measure of your results you will be easily able to see what you need to achieve, and your boss will see that you have exceeded it again. Who cares what everyone else says?

  1. Independent Thinking

You don’t want to agree with something just because your boss or a friendly co-worker has said it. You don’t even want to worry about what is better, working from home, the office, face-to-face relationships, etc. 

Accept that it is different for everyone. Examine what works for you and then tell your boss what you need. They will be impressed by your honesty and subsequently the results you can deliver. 

  1. Be Work Focused

You are paid to work and produce results. That means forgetting about time parameters or meetings unless they are really relevant. Focus on what the work needs and make sure you have the equipment you need to deliver. Then get on with it. After all, it’s your results you will be judged on, focus on getting the work done well and the rest will take care of itself.

  1. Know The Rules

To ensure you are above the politics but not working against employment law you should consult an unfair dismissal lawyer and have a chat about your personal situation. They will also be useful if the worst ever happens, especially because they will already know what you were trying to achieve.