5 Ways To Automate Your Employee Hiring Process

Employees are one of the essential aspects of human resources that any business can’t do without. Different employees bring in their various qualifications and skills that can determine the success of any firm. However, finding and hiring talented employees can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming, especially when dealing with hundreds or thousands of job applications. Dealing with such a large number of applicants can take several weeks or months before you can shortlist the qualified ones, interview them, and hire them. That’s where the power of recruiting automation comes in.

Like any other area of business operations, businesses are taking advantage of the advancement in technology to streamline and simplify the recruitment process. Automating can allow your human resource team to save time. It also helps eliminate repetitive tasks. The saved time can be used to do other productive deliverables. 

In this article, you’ll learn some ways to automate your employee recruitment process. But before that, you need to understand what automated hiring is. Read on. 

Automated Hiring 101 

Automated hiring is also known as automated recruiting. It involves the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate employee hiring tasks and processes. This includes reviewing applicant resume, background check, vetting, and onboarding of candidates. 

The use of modern technologies in the recruitment process allows recruiters to save time and reduce recruitment costs per candidate. In addition, tasks that are manually done can now be performed more efficiently by computers. This can allow you to focus on more meaningful tasks. 

That said, here are ways to automate your employee recruiting process:

1. Resume Screening

The review of the applicants’ resumes is one of the most overwhelming parts of the recruitment process. This is because it can consume a lot of time, especially when dealing with several applicants.

Also, even after spending a lot of time reviewing those, you might find almost 90% of the applicants are unqualified. This can force you to go back to the drawing board and re-advertise the job, which wastes a lot of time. You can solve that by using modern technologies like artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence technology can help screen all the resumes and eliminate unqualified candidates. It works by learning the requirements of the job and then highlights the qualified ones. This allows you to only proceed with the eligible candidates, helping you save time. 

2. Translation For International Employee Hiring

With most businesses going online, it’s now possible to employ a foreign employee who doesn’t understand your native language. Most companies solve that by having a recruiter who understands the applicant language in the recruitment panel. However, this isn’t recommended because it can add a lot of costs to the process.

That’s why you need to consider using a recruitment technology that can automate localization to help in language translation. Language translation allows candidates to interact with you in a manner they can understand without hiring a translator. This enables you to recruit the best candidate from all over the world. 

3. Applicant Tracking

You can integrate the applicant tracking system to monitor the progress of the applicants. This technology is used to track all the applicants’ activities from when they applied for a job post until they’re hired. It also helps the company remain organized, especially when dealing with a large number of applicants.

4. Automation For Interviews

Recruitment automation for interviews can allow you to conduct interviews from anywhere at any time. Automated interviews also allow you to screen candidates by checking essential factors such as choice of words and speech patterns to predict how well the candidate fits in the advertised job. This can allow you to get the best candidate to fill the vacant position.

5. Use Of Candidate Relationship Management

You can make your recruitment process run smoothly with the use of a candidate relationship management system. This allows you to eliminate tedious and unnecessary tasks throughout your hiring process. It can also provide you with the information you need about the applicants so you can make the right recruitment decisions. 


In today’s highly competitive business world, recruiters need to move at high speed if they want to attract the best candidates to their firms. To do that, they need to automate their hiring process to ensure they save on time, deal with repetitive tasks, and help identify candidates. 

Recruiting the right people helps you remain competitive in the industry because they’ll come with the right skills that’d best suit your business. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you improve your operations.