5 Ways to Modernize Your Non-Profit Organization

If you run a non-profit, you know how important it is that you can achieve and measure your impact. After all, such a mission-centric institution ultimately defines its success on whether or not it’s serving the communities it was established to or not. In some situations, that means holding physical events to raise awareness about your cause, while in other situations you may be an artistic, educational, or even political non-profit lobbying on the behalf of others.

If your non-profit has been around for several decades, its ability to achieve its mission might be getting hindered by the fact that it’s still a bit stuck in the past. Whether your website hasn’t been updated in over ten years or you’re still relying on snail mail as your main form of fundraising, this can have an effect on how effective your non-profit is. Here are five different strategies to keep in mind if you’re interested in modernizing your non-profit organization.

1. Find a software platform that meets your needs.

It’s not uncommon, in the world of nonprofits, to have a small team with ambitious goals. In these sorts of situations, the right type of software can go a long way in helping your team stay agile and productive without having to pull 50 or 60 hour work weeks in order to achieve your aims. Engaging Networks is one software developer that creates completely customizable software tools to help nonprofits maximize their fundraising campaigns and boost earned contributions. From powerful advocacy tools to email, event, and fundraising solutions, you’ll find plenty of power in their software suite.

The Engaging Networks platform can help keep track of donors (or potential donors) and is a great way to upgrade your email marketing game in order to streamline fundraising efforts. As you know fundraising allows nonprofits carry out all other operations. Plus, they ensure full confidentiality, which means the integrity of your organization will be safe.

2. Use powerful call center tools to better connect with your constituents.

Another way to bring your non-profit into the modern era is to update your call center tools. Modern call center software goes far beyond just communicating with your constituents over the phone. Omni-channel enterprise solutions like the ones offered by Bright Pattern allow you to reach your customers through a variety of communication mediums, including text messaging, web-based chat, and even video chat. Plus, with a cloud-based call center software solution that integrates with your CRM (customer relationship management) platform, you’ll be able to have your customer service agents reference customer data to personalize your communications in a simple and effective manner.

3. Create compelling digital content with the help of professionals.

As you embrace digital platforms like email and social media more whole-heartedly, it’s important to have engaging digital content. Whether it’s video, animated graphics, or graphic design, the right content can help catch people’s eye and ultimately drive them to donate or volunteer with your organization. If you’re not as comfortable creating video content, it might make sense to collaborate with a motion graphics service. By partnering with experts in animated video and graphic design, you’ll be able to better appeal to your target audience without having to build out your own skills as a small team.

4. Perform a website audit and ensure you’re optimized for mobile.

Having a website that’s easily accessible on a variety of devices is crucial if you want to stay competitive compared to other non-profits. This is because there’s an influx of web users who exclusively use tablets or phones for the majority of their browsing. If your website isn’t functional on those sorts of platforms, it can be quite costly.

5. Take a pass at a new logo.

If your logo is feeling a bit outdated, it might be worth considering a new logo treatment. Spending some time and energy around a rebranding can be just what your non-profit needs to revitalize interest in its offerings and services. Especially if you have an upcoming milestone anniversary of being incorporated, it can be the perfect time to launch a new brand to help modernize your image.