5 Ways You Can Kickstart Your Startup Online

Any novel idea that aspires to change the world through its business model is called a startup. If you are wondering what a startup looks like, think of Fb. Once a college networking app, Facebook went on to connect people worldwide and in no time became a multi-billion company. 

Similarly, online Edu-tech websites like edx and Coursera have revolutionized the way people gain knowledge. These websites gave education the much-needed reach, affordability, and flexibility.

If you too have a unique idea which you think can revolutionize the way people live, you should turn to get the boost. But how do you do that? Read on to know more about the 5 incredible ways of kickstarting your start-up online.

Here’s what you can do to kickstart your startup online

  1. Crowdfunding + Bootstrapping: Crowdfunding should always be the first step to setting up your startup for two reasons: 
  • It involves your family, friends, business partners, and anyone who invests in your startup. 
  • It gets you the publicity. You let people know of your initiative.

The best way of crowdfunding is through social networking sites. It has greater reach and previous startup founders to have used it successfully.

Bootstrapping is when you fund your startup yourself in the absence of crowdfunding to keep it going. You should use your extra savings, re-channel company profits, or take a loan to keep the company floating. But, always be cautious enough to not go bankrupt.

  1. Move Over From Family & Friends, Create Your Circle: Startup thrives on the constant purchase of services. This may not be possible if you keep reaching just your acquaintances. In most cases, they may be reluctant to invest in an unknown venture. The better way is to create a circle that is solely created from your services. It will create a loyal customer base.
  1. Be Around Other Business Owners: You never know which business lesson you will learn when around another business owner. Moreover, being in that circle means you have greater chances of collaborations, contracts, and ideas. You may even land your next customer there! 
  1. Be Visible: In today’s digital age, being visible online matters the most. You need to tell people that you offer particular services. Use social networking sites, youtube ads, paid digital advertisements, and yellow pages. Invest in display ads as these are proven to convert into business by about 70%.
  1. Optimize Your Website: The most important thing is getting an optimized website for your venture. Get the content SEO optimized. Include proper backlinks, internal links, crawlers, and metatags. Stay away from black hat SEO. is an excellent platform to help you out here. You can reach out to them on

Conceptualizing a start-up is easy but setting it up is difficult. By adopting the above tips, you can make the whole process easier. Be diligent in your approach and consistent in efforts. Your business will surely take off!