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6 Email marketing Benefits for your business

Email marketing is the most effective strategy for any business, if you want to grab the attention of your target audience. Is your company using email marketing as a part of your strategy? No, then you’re missing out on something big.

Technological advancements have improved businesses a lot in the past few years. Internet and mobile phones are making both professional and personal life easy for people. 

It has become hard to find people not using mobile. This is why email marketing is most effective compared to any other approaches. Email marketing allows you to interact with your customers on a personal level and create a bond. Not only that you can connect with your targeted audience irrespective of the country they’re living in. Be it a large or small company, using email marketing strategy will help your business reap profits in the long run. This cost-effective approach will bring huge profits to your business.

Still not convinced? Here are a few benefits that email marketing would bring to your business.


Communication plays a vital role in any business. Don’t you agree? Be it clients, customers and suppliers. If there is any shortcoming in the communication the message may be misinterpreted in the wrong way. For a customer to trust your brand, you must effectively communicate with them. This is where email marketing comes handy. Email marketing allows you to communicate with your targeted audience effectively. 

The more you communicate with them the better you understand their preferences. With email marketing keep your customers updated about all the information about your brand. Research shows that email is the most preferred channel to communicate for many people. In a recent survey, more than 60% said they prefer email over other marketing channels.


The market condition now is different compared to the past. Technology and many other factors have contributed to this development. There are many options available for the customers in the market. So, it has become quite hard for businesses to retain their customers. If your products or services are up to their expectations, many competitors are waiting in the market to gladly provide your customer with what they’re looking for. 

The companies have to do everything in their power to show the customers that they care about their customers. One of the most effective ways is sending your customer the personalised emails. Not every customer is the same, they have different preferences. So if you send all your customers the same automated message, not all of them get pleased with it and it may reflect badly on your brand.

But when you personalise the email, they feel close and special. They may recognise the special efforts you’re putting in. You can insert the customer’s name in the subject line and create an email that targets the needs and interests of the targeted audience perfectly.

Reduced Costs

The most important benefits of email marketing are, it is cost-effective compared to other marketing channels. You don’t have to worry about the postage expenses or any other charges. All you have to do is draft a perfect email which targets the customers and potential customers. Even when the companies are using email marketing software to send, track, analyse and evaluate the emails. 

The cost is pretty less compared to other marketing channels. It takes lots of money to publish an advertisement in the newspaper, TV or radio. But using email marketing you can constantly stay in touch with your audience. Don’t you agree? One time payment can take your promotions long way. Email marketing is cost-effective and it is guaranteed that it will reach your targeted audience, unlike other traditional marketing approaches. 

Engaging with an interested audience

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, you don’t have to worry whether you’re communicating with the targeted audience or not. And you don’t even have to worry whether your message is reaching to the right people or not. The biggest merit of email marketing is that your emails are sent to people who are interested in your products or services. Confused? Your brand will only be sending emails to people who have taken an interest and signed up or subscribed for your newsletter. 

You are engaging with interested people, you’re not wasting both your time and efforts. Take your time in curating a list of people who are interested in your brand. So you don’t have to worry about people spamming your messages. Since you’re interacting with people who are interested in your brand, the conversion rates will also increase. Never purchase the lists for email marketing as it will not bring organic results for your business, it may also damage your reputation.

Mail Merge

Sending mails to each person can take a lot of time and effort. For a business every second is important. So spending too much time on one task may disrupt the flow of other important activities. With mail merge, you can cut down on both cost and time. Mail merge makes it easy to send across emails fast and easy. Once you have the prospect details in your google sheets ready. Then create an email template, but remember to keep it short and precise. 

You can easily send a mail merge with GMass. You can maintain your prospects contacts in an excel spreadsheet and then you can import it into google sheets too. Once you send the mail using mail merge your prospects will receive the email. If you don’t want to send it immediately, no worries, you can schedule the date, time and the messages will be sent on that scheduled day.

Easy to use

Email marketing doesn’t need a huge team or technical assistance. This is what makes it more desirable and admirable. You can also include videos, images, logos and much more in your emails. There are many email marketing softwares available in the market that help you in tracking the opening rate, conversion rate and provide you with analytics you need to improve your campaigns. It is easy to share too for both the organisation and the subscribers. You can reach audiences across the globe with few bucks. You don’t have to wait for days to see the impact of your campaign, you will get to know it within few minutes.


Email marketing not only improves your business, but it also increases one-to-one marketing and brings profit to the business. It is cost-effective and you can easily optimise and test your email strategy. Testing will help you in understanding what is working and what is not, so that you can change your approach and improve your results gradually. You can segment groups and send them to that group to target their needs and interests. Remember to keep your email content eye-catchy, clear and concise. Lastly, email marketing will help you in building a strong relationship with your customers and keep them in the loop on your latest business updates.