6 Proven Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity in 2019

Every year is different, and the strategies that worked in terms of employee productivity in 2018 may not be as effective in 2019. Considering the employees are the ones helping the company thrive, it’s essential to come up with the best strategies to raise productivity levels.

At the same time, it’s hard to know what’s going to work and what is not, but with some advice, you should be able to succeed. Take a look at the strategies presented below, and you may be able to reap off the benefits in no time.

  1. Self-Care Awareness

Just like an individual protects themselves against outside threats so they don’t get physically injured, the mind and soul need protection too. Basically, a healthy and happy mind is more eager to do things, thus more productive.

If employees are experiencing emotional instability and stress, this could significantly tarnish their ability to work. As a result, the productivity for your business decreases.

For the new year, you should encourage your employees to take care of themselves in what means emotional and mental health. You can do so by giving them free days/vacations, as it could make them empty their mind and be happier to work for you.

2.Don’t Forbid Social Media

Your employees, or at least a part of them, are most likely using social media as means of distraction. Maybe they are just looking to see what they Instagram followers are doing, looking for an Instagram bot to get followers or just texting their family or friends. Whether they do that or just slack off, cracking down social media won’t encourage productivity – it may only kill the morale.

With that being said, if an employee is happier, then he/she is more productive too. At the same time, there needs to be some balance too, so make sure you find a way to do this.

3.Recruit more Carefully

People are different, which means that they behave differently and have their own productivity level. As such, using cultural fit as means of boosting productivity is a good method that could prove useful. If you choose to hire employees based on how they click with the company culture, they may energize the other workers.


It’s a known fact that communication helps people build better relationship, thus any business owner should focus on it. It is pretty much something every CEO must follow if they want employees to be happy to work. If your workers have questions, they should get a good answer that helps them.

5.Train Your Employees

It’s rare to see someone strive without preparing beforehand, which is why training is so important to give them proper training. It’s unlikely to see someone do their best without training. Therefore, once you hire someone, you need to make sure they are properly trained, becoming ready to face the workplace.

6.Give Them Perks

If people are paid more, then it makes them want to work harder. Basically, if you grow the salaries from time to time when things are going well, it can increase the productivity and make the business thrive. As such, you should consider giving them perks once in a while, so they will feel worthy and willing to work.

Productivity is what’s behind every big company’s success, which is what makes it so special. If you want to boost it for your own business, you should try following the tips in this article, and you will be in for a treat.