6 Reasons You Need A Multifunctional Copier

If your office requires a host of functionalities – like scanning, copying or printing – you have to consider a multifunction printer. Imagine having only one piece of equipment which does all of this and more. It completely voids the need for using multiple machines, and there is no question as to why it is so popular in both offices and homes.

Multiple-function printers or MFP are convenient, extremely cost-effective, and a great practical addition to any space. While their multiple capabilities make them a star – there are various hidden functionalities and qualities as well that may be lesser-known and in this article we are focusing on highlighting those attributes of a MFP that make them such valuable an asset. If you have been thinking to buy a photocopier, you should give this a read first –

1. Multiple Functions

As the name suggests, a MFP performs a number of functions, which come very handy when you are setting up a new office. A MFP will be able to print, scan, copy and fax – all in one. This helps with space too, as your office will not be cluttered with different equipment with different functions. And, do not worry – the scanning and copier functionalities are also top-notch, as good as standalone machines, assuring good quality every time. A MFP will also let you have backups of all of your important documents. A win-win really.  Xerox copiers are the leader in innovative functionality, but you will find all the functions you need in all major copier brands.

2. Cost-efficiency

From a financial angle, a MFP is a clear hit – from one single machine you get to print, copy, scan and fax – reducing the need for multiple machines which definitely spells money saving. With most of the MFPs in the market, you incur a very low cost per page, applicable for both mono and colour printing. Many models come with a double-sided function that further lowers your printing media consumption, often in half. It is also cheaper to maintain just one device rather than a host of devices which can run into numerous problems.

3. Connectivity

While only modern MFPs have this functionality, it is super useful and you might consider buying a machine which has this specific function. You will need to register your printer with a specific app on either a tablet or smartphone – letting you connect to your printer, enabling wireless and cloud printing. This makes things rather seamless as you are no longer bound by any distance and can easily print important documents from anywhere. A wireless printer will also let several people connect to the printer at once. 

4. Improved Security

You can rest assured that a MFP will be able to provide you with the right security for your sensitive documents. A MFP will be networked just like a computer with built-in security features that are able to patch holes and stop hackers from accessing your documents in any way.

You will also be able to set document passwords, keeping sensitive information behind a digital lock, while also being able to track who is maintaining protocols and who is not. Also the uber-smart feature of secure pull printing ensures that no sensitive documents stay sitting on the output tray, not even for a second.

5. Ease of Use

    Most MFPs are user-friendly with large displays that work just like our tablets and smartphones do. In the place of black and white displays with scant information, you can visually check options with the help of a touch screen. This reduces and even completely eradicates the need for training and frequent customer support

6. Improved Support

These days MFPs also provide managed support – which includes a team of experts who efficiently handles security updates and complex office needs. They can also perform audits to have your printer set up even more efficiently.

MFP vendors are also geared towards facilitating workflow optimization which may include automatic toner and supplies shipment, automatic meter readings, and more.

It is clear that the world of MFPs is indeed a cheery one. They pack a punch with their assorted functionalities that make office work so much easier. MFPs deserve the popularity they are enjoying and modern MFPs are getting more well-rounded than ever, making single-purpose devices quite redundant in the process.