6 Ways a Chatbot Can Help Your Business

With customer’s expectations for good service increasing and adding pressure to businesses, it can prove quite costly to have customer support agents working round the clock to resolve issues promptly. Luckily, with the advancements in chatbot technology, chatbots have begun to revolutionise the customer experience. Businesses are able to cut costs while maintaining strong customer loyalty and a reputation for excellent service. If you’re not convinced that chatbots can help your business, then read on to discover all the ways they can!


Available 24/7

Chatbots are available to use every hour of every day, year-round, meaning that whenever your customer has a query, it can be answered, regardless of whether your office is open. This makes your customer service platform much more accessible, giving your customers the chance to get in touch when it best suits them. 24/7 availability is also a great benefit for businesses that operate internationally, as it removes any difficulties that different time zones may bring, allowing clients around the world to seek answers, no matter the time.


International Communication

Chatbots can also offer additional benefits for businesses with international customers. Chatbots can be programmed to respond in a variety of different languages, offering those who are not fluent in English the chance to interact and resolve any issues in the language of their choice.

Deal With Multiple Queries

Customers want a quick response to their query, but humans are only able to deal with a couple of conversations at a time, leaving many customers waiting. Chatbots, on the other hand, can deal with every customer query at once, providing instant answers. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, as queries are dealt with in a timely manner, but it can help to reduce business costs. Instead of needing to hire excess staff to deal with any unpredictable spikes in customer query demands, the chatbot can step in and help out at busier times, supporting your staff at no extra cost to your business.


Save Staff Time

While some businesses often worry that using a chatbot will lead to the redundancy of their human staff, this is not the case. A chatbot should instead work alongside and support staff, especially when it comes to saving time. With simple queries dealt with by a chatbot, the human staff have more time to spend on tasks that require their skills.

Sales Advice

When shopping online, a customer cannot physically see the item they are purchasing and cannot check with a sales advisor that it is suited to their needs. This is particularly the case with technology or electrical appliances, where the customer may want additional information to check that the product is right for them. Here is where a chatbot can offer assistance, asking the customer questions and answering their queries to provide more of an insight into the products available. The customer will then be able to make a more informed decision about their purchase.


Better Customer Interaction

Nowadays, many customers, especially younger ones, prefer to use chat functions over calling a business. Chat offers a fast and effective response to their queries, whereas calling may leave them waiting in a queue for hours. Businesses must integrate chat functions into their online platforms to keep up with the increasing demand. Chatbots are able to personalise customer’s experiences, introducing a brand identity and tone of voice. They can also provide an engaging and tailored experience for each customer. The chatbot can respond whichever way is best for the customer, be it text or voice response, making the bot a more accessible option. The chatbot will also be able to send images, resources and product pages to the customer through the chat function, helping the customer to get the information they require.

With these benefits in mind, will you be adding a chatbot for businesses to your company?