7 HR Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs

HR stands for “Human Resource”. HR is a department within an organization. Employees are the biggest assets for any business. It’s an HR responsibility to protect and organize that asset in the right way. HR carries great responsibility. It’s no secret human resource is the most complicated aspects of running a small business, you can find some small business tips with Entrepreneur Adam Guild.

The HR team will have a large effect on the work culture and environment in the workplace. Also, set a powerful tone on various aspects such as

  • How to communicate with employees
  • Settle disputes
  • Explaining about leave and pay structure
  • Creates a friendly working environment
  • Hire new staff
  • Encourage employee

Many companies use People management software to simplify their human resource process effectively. These tools work hand-in-hand with other business processes. Ultimately, organizations can make their employees happy and improve their productivity.

Following are hand-picked tips for small business entrepreneurs

Enforce meal and rest breaks

Employers always choose to provide meal and rest breaks for their employees. Because it is the best way to boost employee morale. Also, maintains a positive relationship between employer and employee. It can prevent burnout and reduces employee emotional exhaustion. Also, promotes good physical, mental health and increase productivity. The meal period can be 30 minutes or more.

FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) stats that rest period and meal break of the short period can improve efficiency.

When your employees are working on a hectic project, allowing them to rest and providing them meal break will replenish their energy. Sometimes employees get incredibly busy while working overtime. In such cases, offering meal can make them feel relaxed.

Communication is key

Modern companies make employee communication as a top priority. An entrepreneur understands that engaging with employees can contribute to business success.

Human resource team should set a proper tone. They need to be visible and accessible. Interact with your employees, nothing can beat human interaction. Employees always look for company news, information and updates from their higher authorities. Train your HR team on how to effectively communicate and also provide the required tool to get succeeded.

Conduct regular meetings with your team. Make every point clear. Discuss your policies and ask for feedback from your employees. You should have an ‘open-door policy’, therefore an employee can report whenever they come across an issue.

Stay organised

Being organized is an important element of HR. Small business should stay organised to acquire fruitful results. Keep a track on every task and prioritize them accordingly. Completing the priority tasks such as posting a job requirement on various platforms, arranging interviews, viewing leave applications, generating payslips, etc are HR teams main responsibility . Take time and sort your priority list. Therefore you don’t need to miss out an important task to complete.

Have you ever heard about an online calendar? Of course many times!!!

Optimizing your online calendar is the best way to work effectively throughout a day. Though you trust your brain to remember daily, weekly and monthly activities. But, mental recall can be a daunting task when HR responsibilities grow.

Conduct scrum in the morning, decide the priority task for the day. At the end of the day, conduct review sessions. Planning every task accordingly can improve your productivity.

Know the relevant laws

A small business entrepreneur can be unaware of every law related to Human Resource . If your one among them, it’s time to change your track. Human resources team should be familiar with relevant laws. HR team need to ensure that the organization handbook is under legal guidelines and laws. You need to understand the relevant laws. 

Human resource management plays a major role in shaping the business. The same way, HR laws play an important role too. The HR manager should understand and follow these laws. Consider hiring a candidate can be done according to the job requirement, designation, skills and experience. But, firing the candidate can be done to follow provisions of various contracts. It includes sexual harassment, sharing sensitive information, etc.

The HR manager should be familiar with,

  • Sexual harassment act
  • Employees provident fund act
  • The apprentice’s act
  • Maternity benefit act
  • The factories act
  • Workmen’s compensation act
  • The payment of wages act
  • The payment of bonus act

Take time to hire the right candidate

Planning to hire an employee for your organization? Hiring a new employee can either make or break your company. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! Employee recruitment is all about controlling stress, as you need to constantly follow-up candidate, gathering team and more. Of course, you cannot please everyone in your business.

The great news is, there are few rules that can help you to hire the right employee for your business such as

  • Look for a candidate with a strong commitment on career
  • Check learning and analytical skills
  • Test compatibility
  • Keep optimizing your hiring procedure
  • Never ever forget to hire interns
  • Get social with your candidates

Never rush to fill the positions with the first candidate who appears for the interview. Take extra time and make sure the candidate has a better qualification, experience and eligibility.

Establish a positive environment at the workplace

An employee spends maximum time at the workplace. They expect to work in a positive environment.

Establish a positive work environment at your office and make your employees feel comfortable about coming to work. Also, a positive environment can motivate employees and improve productivity. If you’re expecting employees to work effectively then establishing a positive workplace is the important step you should never skip.

If a problem arises by an employee, address the issue and discuss privately. Talk with your employee and identify what happened.

Bring on the cheer

Knowing and connecting with your team can have a great impact on their performance. Pay attention to employees ideas, opinions and concerns. Take them into consideration and implement the best ideas in your business. Appreciate your staff whenever a product is delivered successfully on time. Employee expects little things from management such as team lunch, office parties, birthday parties, etc. Also, you can make them happy by offering snacks, tea, coffee, juice and breakfast. Schedule office party and invite their family members. Connect with them on a professional and personal level.