7 Perfect Product Label Design Tips

What is the first thing you notice when you’re looking at a product? It’s name, design, packaging, label, or all of the above. Selling your product not only depends on the usefulness and the quality of it. Many other crucial factors play a role in selling out the product. For instance, the packaging and the label design can also attract the attention of the customers, have you ever thought about it? Imagine you’re walking in the aisle of a supermarket and looking for a hair product, suddenly a product caught your eye, as the design on the product is quite unique. Will you pick it off the shelf or not? Whether you may buy it or not that is a question for another time, but you would definitely pick it up.

It is a human tendency to go after things that grab their attention. Don’t you agree? This is what an interesting, unique, product label design does to your product. It will grab the attention of your customers. Simply put, like at first sight is what you should be aiming for. Once your potential customer takes an interest in your product and purchases it, if the quality is amazing they will naturally become your loyal customers. 

A product label not only grabs the attention of a customer but also creates a brand statement. Yup, you heard it right. The product label will become the face of your brand for people who don’t know it. So businesses need to put extra emphasis on the label design as it helps them in building brand identity and awareness. It also helps you in getting a competitive edge over your competitors. 

With custom label or sticker printing, you can make sure that your brand stays at the top of your customer’s minds. The printing services are also offering amazing designs to add the professional touch to your brand. So choose a printing service that meets all your requirements.

Here are a few tips that will make you a master in picking the right label design for your product and helping it to stand out. 

Understand the market

A good business owner will consider every single detail relating to their product. Before you even start sketching the label design of your product, it would be better for you to understand the market. Simply put, if you want your design to grab the attention of the customers then first you must understand and study the product labels of the peers/competitors. So that you don’t end up designing something similar. 

If you want your product label to be unique then it is important to do your research. Not only competitor’s products you must also research your target audience too. Understanding the age, gender, values, etc will help you in coming up with an extraordinary design. All this information will actually help you in creating something that will appeal to your targeted audience. 

Right color scheme

The Colour scheme of your label also matters. It should match well with the packaging of your product. If your bottle color is thick blue but the color of your label is red, do you think it will look appealing? So the right color scheme will actually enhance your product label design. It will also make heads turn. 

But remember whatever colors you’re choosing, they should match your product. Avoid using too bright colors or clash with other complementary colors. And also make sure these colors communicate about the product effectively. For instance, if your product is ice cream, it is advisable to use colors that depict the flavors. 

Typography is important 

Yup, you heard it right. Typography also plays an important role in your label design. A label consists of a lot of information i.e., text. So typography is also an important part of your product label. As there will be a lot of information, choose typography that is easy to read and will enhance the beauty of your product. It is even better if your label has custom typography. 

The benefit of this is that you will successfully create a unique impression for your product. But just make sure that whatever typography you choose is right and reflects the character of your product. The position of typography also plays an important role. Lastly, make sure that it is consistent with your brand.

Minimalistic design 

Along with the typography make sure that your label design is minimalistic. One can say that minimalism is the latest trend. Less is now more. People are going with brands that are opting the minimalistic looks. You can infuse more white space in your design so it separates the information and makes it easy for people to read.

 Not only that it will also improve the overall look of your design. So the important aspects that create a powerful design are the simple logo and clear content. With minimalistic design will deliver simplicity, sophistication, and the user-friendliness of your product.

Keep it simple but with a twist

As mentioned above keeping it simple will only do good for your product. But make sure to keep it simple with a twist. Don’t forget to leave your mark or uniqueness while designing. Everybody goes by the book if you also take the same road, how are you going to bring your brand closure to the audience. So while keeping it simple add something unusual. Be it product shape or the label design it is up to you. Always remember that originality scores. 

But that uniqueness, originality should complement the product and make it shine. For instance, you can use illustrations if you want to project your brand as fun, it is also visually appealing. You can print the label on the product, packaging, or both make sure that the label becomes one with the product. For example, if you’re going to add the label to the product, you can either print it on the bottle or stick it to the bottle. Printing on the bottle is great, but if you are going with a sticker make sure it doesn’t peel off easily. 

Quality matters 

What is the point of having an interesting design if the quality of the label sucks? Along with design the quality also matters. Use high-quality products in label making. Consider the amount spent on this as an investment that will help you in reaching more customers. Although a unique label attracts potential customers to pick your product from the shelves, poor quality can make them put it back. 

Your product is the face of your brand so you cannot take risks with even minute detail. Using high-quality materials for printing will leave a better impression on your customers. There are some really good printing services that will do the job for you. So instead of taking everything on your shoulders, you can depend on them for your printing needs. 

Reflect the USP 

The primary goal of a product label is to grab the attention of the customer. But its responsibilities don’t end there, it should also convince the customers to buy the product. Wondering how? Simple, by pushing or reflecting the USP of the product. A unique selling point will help the customers in understanding the importance of your product.

Not only that, if you keep the USP in mind while designing you will also be able to come up with a better label design. Even if your brand doesn’t have a USP you can simply push the positive things of your product through the label.

Bottom line 

A label is more than just a print on the product. It has the capacity to make your product fly off the shelves. You can form an emotional connection with your customers through interesting designs. Make sure that your label design matches the packaging of your product too. And try to include more eco-friendly packaging or label designs. Also, provide the customers with your contact details. So that they can connect and offer you feedback. These are a few product label design tips that will help you in creating a beautiful, compelling, and interesting label design for your product.