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7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Commercial Copy Machine

The benefits of getting a commercial copy machine are numerous. Many a times, the lack of such a machine can prove to be deleterious for a business, as they are often integral to the survival and growth of a business.

Without a doubt, a commercial copier is a heavy duty machine that streamlines work in a manner that is unmatched – thus facilitating businesses to be even better.

Let us look at some of the reasons why a commercial copier will be a good buy for your company –

1.   A space-saving machine

The most obvious benefit – a commercial copier will account for a number of important jobs while taking up very less space. They serve a variety of everyday essential functions maximizing the little space that it does take up. All in all, a commercial copy machine is what makes work smooth and organized, without demanding a lot of space – a win win.

2.   Amp up office production

A copy machine can fuel productivity unlike any other office equipment. Compared to a small printer that can approximately print 10 pages with a paper holding capacity of 100 odd sheets, a commercial printer will be able to handle printing of 50 pages per minute while holding thousands of sheets of paper, making the whole process seamless.

3.   Increased savings

A business with a solid copy machine will certainly see increased savings. A lot of photocopier brands have incorporated energy efficiency as a major feature, helping you save a lot on energy bills. Additionally, a capable commercial copier will also help you not waste paper which often happens in the absence of such a machine.

4.   Increased efficiency

A commercial copy machine will undoubtedly make life simpler and easier for your employees. An older, slower machine can be frustrating to work with owing to its slowness. A commercial copy machine is a highly capable machine which can push out 50 or above pages per minute and there are even more powerful machines out there that can churn out 100 or more pages per minute. And it does not stop there – there are machines that staple and punch holes in your sheets as well. This saves time and helps decrease manual labour which in turn makes your business run more effectively. It will also scan or fax documents, an invaluable convenience for any business.

A commercial copy machine can also be very useful in your marketing activities, helping you print flyers and pamphlets for increasing brand awareness. These marketing tools can be easily made from your office itself, requiring you to not have to go to any outside vendor to have them made. This strengthens your business in ways more than one. Konica minolta copiers are excellent in this.

5.   Increased security

In any business, there will be sensitive documents that will need to be printed or copied. A modern commercial copy machine will have options to handle such sensitive information deftly. You can encrypt such information, thereby keeping it safe from hackers. Otherwise as well, mandatory requirement of employee IDs for access is also available if you need any print job done which should only be viewable to selected people. It is also possible to remove previously printed documents.

6.   Increased flexibility

Without a shred of doubt, a commercial copier will perform multiple functions, giving you flexibility and adding several operative functions like email, scan, print and also fax. This ensures that your employees are enabled to carry out many tasks for which they do not have to depend on separate equipment or outside vendors. You will get one machine that does the work of many.

7.   Increased eco-friendliness

Modern commercial copiers are also environmentally conscientious machines. They are usually energy efficient with sleep modes that will help to save electricity. Along with that, you can also choose to print on both sides of a paper sheet to save paper usage. Presence of different printing modes can also help on saving ink.

In short, a commercial copy machine has numerous benefits that can truly transform the way you work and how your employees work on a daily basis. It will help you get the maximum out of your equipment while propelling your business forward in an eco-friendly manner.