7 strategies to effectively market your financial products on LinkedIn

There are many avenues to consider when marketing a fintech product online. Once you’ve got a website and you’ve invested in a content marketing and search engine optimization campaign, the next step is to spread the word on social media – and consider networks such as LinkedIn.

To offer you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up seven strategies that you should consider if you want to market your financial products on the network, and share advice on how to maximize engagement, generate leads and put your brand in front of the right people.

Create valuable financial content

According to the folks at Digital Authority Partners, one of the best financial marketing strategies is, without doubt, content. Valuable content that provides answers to readers’ questions and positions your business as an authority figure in your niche will help you to stand out from other financial products companies and find leads.

Posting articles and original content on your LinkedIn page will help readers associate your face with fintech and allow you to show off your market knowledge and expertise in your niche. Craft fintech articles on everything from saving money to using cryptocurrency and work to become the source of financial information on the platform, but remember that quality trumps quantity.

Focus on engagement

LinkedIn is all about engagement. The more connections you have on the platform, the further the reach of your posts, and the more brand exposure you can expect. Marketing for financial services companies can be tough, especially as it’s such a dry topic, but on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to appeal to professional decision-makers that should be interested in your services.

Join LinkedIn groups, comment on people’s posts, connect with new people and do everything you can to get people to check back on your profile. While we’re on the subject of profiles, check yours over and optimize it – encourage people to message you and like and share your content.

Use advertising campaigns wisely

What with content marketing, SEO, pay-per-click and social media advertising, there have never been so many avenues to find new customers. LinkedIn also offers its own Ads product and as a new customer, you may be entitled to a coupon or special offer on your first paid promotion.

Remember to stick to a sensible budget, choose the right audience demographics, add interests and keywords, and create advert copy that is designed to convert. In 2019, you cannot afford to throw an ad budget at the wall – you must develop an attractive call to action that stands out.

Don’t underestimate the power of influence

Influencer marketing isn’t exclusive to the fashion and beauty world. If you want people to start talking about your financial products, pay them for the privilege. Find an influential connection on the platform who has a large audience and aligns with your brand values, and offer them to become a partner or receive referrals for every new lead they send to your website. It works!

Not every influencer has to have millions of followers, either. Microinfluencers can be used to post sponsored reviews, mention you on their LinkedIn pages, or share your articles and blog posts to their audience, but always determine their actual influence before handing over cash.

Get in front of the camera

Video is king in the marketing world. If you want to spread the benefits of your financial product and get more clients and leads from LinkedIn, then get in front of the camera and create regular engaging material that your connections will want to see and share with their colleagues.

If you have the time and marketing budget, you could build on your video content strategy and get satisfied clients to share their thoughts in a video testimonial. Social proof is important when trying to engage an audience – 70% of us look at reviews before buying a product online.

Try LinkedIn Premium

If you want to get more from your LinkedIn page, then consider LinkedIn Premium subscriptions, such as Sales Navigator Professional or Premium Business to unlock even greater potential.

Not only will you be able to send messages to prospects that you’re yet to connect with, but you’ll be able to keep an eye on people who have viewed your profile. According to HireSphere, you can use this information to reach out and let them know the benefits of your financial products.

Premium members are also given access to insights on their account and their leads, like job changes and company growth, which can be used to find new prospects. Being able to view unlimited profiles offers greater flexibility and helps you find targeted, warm leads first time.

Utilize company pages

LinkedIn is all about personal branding, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook company pages. Make sure yours is regularly updated with relevant financial products content, is kitted out with your logo and branding, and that your staffers have all liked and connected with your page. The more information you make available to leads, the more likely they are to convert.

Be consistent with your content, adopting the same styles and techniques as you would on your corporate website, and ensure that everything from your address to company size is accurate and updated regularly. Remember to share updates from your company LinkedIn page to your personal profile, and link your company page to other social profiles, like Twitter and Facebook.

There’s no denying that marketing a fintech product online can be hard work, particularly in such a crowded space. However, utilizing networks like LinkedIn can help you to position your brand as a key player, find you customers, and build brand awareness. We wish you the best of luck!