A Few Free Android Apps for Videos & Movies

What type of android phone do you have? Do you have a tablet or so on too? Well, these gadgets are merely boxes if you do not have the right applications for your usage. Indeed, once you have the effective and enjoyable apps, your experience with these gadgets would become a lot more comfortable and easier.

Again, what type of entertainment you like the most? Do you love to watch movies or videos? Do you like such content available readily? Well, if you do not get such stuff readily then this post might get you gems in your hands. Yes, the post would acquaint you with a few of the best video downloading and streaming applications on android that are free and flawless. Keep on reading to know more about them.


The foremost name that comes to mind is of this app. The application is free of cost and safe for everyone. The Vidmate app gets the users the content in videos and movies from manifold platforms and websites like YouTube, Tumblr, Dailymotion, Instagram, Facebook, Vivo and so many other. Also, the app would pamper you with so many different features like formats and resolutions too. Whether mp4, AVI, FLV, 3gp or any other one; you can get them all. Also, you can get HD or other resolutions. Adding to this, the speed of the app is commendable and the usability is a plus too.


The application has a smooth UI and convenient to navigate features. Videoder easily supports video download from a huge number of websites and applications like that of Social Media Sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on. The good part of the App is that it creates the download links directly without you to open the Videoder App hence diminishing your efforts.  You can easily make the most of this app because of its easy use and effectivity.


It is a famous and useful video downloader App. the app supports video and music download from more than one hundred platforms and websites. You can easily save video and audio files in the direct manner in your device storage with the effectivity to choose the resolution and format for the specific file. The application makes use of good quality Downloader Engine to save all the stuff downloaded at great speeds. And you would not have to do any kind of compromise in the pace even when you go for the instantaneous file downloads. InsTube is a kind of browser cum downloader platform app so that you can quickly get a video while you surf the internet. The interface of this app is somewhat cool and enables the users to use it in the proper way.


AVD that stands for Android video Downloader is a wonderful application that has an easy to use interface. The application permits the users to download any kind of videos from diverse types of websites or platforms. You can watch and download any sort of flash videos without any hassle. The video application costs nothing and you can easily browse videos and download them within the application. It is true that the application does not allow the users to download the videos or content from YouTube but again, all other video platforms can be accessed through this useful and good quality app like a cake walk.


So, you can install all these applications for free from 9apps. this third-party free platform promises all the apps in the safety form.