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A Guide to Choosing a Degree in Information Technology

We live in a world where you can literally be communicating with someone halfway across the globe in a matter of seconds. The ability to expand business via globalization is possible, in large part, to the countless advancements in technology. Advancements that are only possible because of the hard work of men and women who chose to hold a career in the field of  information technology. Without them Facebook and Twitter would still be ideas, and cross-global interaction a dream. Technology has come so far and yet, it still moves forward. With the ever changing advancements comes about new opportunities, new careers, for those who feel like earning a degree in information technology is right for them.

Over the next few minutes, we are going to take a look at some specific degrees associated with information technology. It can be a frustrating choice, picking the right IT program, but hopefully this guide will help push you towards the right program for you.

Popular Technology Majors:

The most popular IT major, due to it’s lucrative salary, is Information Technology Management. Those in this field can expect an average salary of around $143,000. The role of IT managers is to make sure that all systems are running accordingly and to supervise the different IT departments that are associated with their employer.

The next two majors are very similar: Video Game Programming and Computer Programming. With an average salary of $84,000, these fields are highly sought after. While majoring in these fields, you will become familiar with a variety of softwares and tools that will be used to create different programs.

The last major we are going to touch on today is Network Engineering. Students who major in this field will learn how to design and implement local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). Besides having a degree, often times there are extra certifications required for employment. The average salary comes in just over $82,000.

For more information on popular IT majors, you can click here. Not sure what career path you would be interested in? Here is a list, and great descriptions, of a variety of IT jobs.

The Future of Information Systems

The proof is in the pudding; the need for IT professionals is growing at a rapid pace and dedicated individuals, like yourself, are needed to keep technology moving forward. There are many roles that technology plays in society, and the only way to keep chasing the technological frontier is if more and more people step into the role of becoming an information professional. If you really love technology and are looking for an exciting career, with outstanding benefits to boot, then maybe earning an IT degree is the first step to a rewarding career.

The opportunities in information technology are virtually limitless. The door is open, the path already paved. What is stopping you from starting your future today?