Accessories to Pair with Your ID Badges

In almost every workplace, employees need to carry some kind of identification badge. These badges are essential to enter the building, or mark attendance, or enter certain restricted areas. Moreover, the use of ID badges adds an extra layer of security to the workplace by ensuring that no unauthorized person gains access. One must carry an ID in person at all times.

However, carrying the badge in the pocket or keeping them in your bag might prove to be inefficient. In some jobs, it is mandated to wear an ID badge for easy identification or accessing restricted areas.

For instance, hospital staff must carry their badge to access restricted areas like the lab and operating theatre. 

So, there are plenty of accessories you can use, such as an ID badge holder, lanyard, and much more. You can use these accessories to keep your badge with yourself. 

Such accessories make the badges more accessible for unlocking a door, marking attendance, or quick identification. Displaying the ID badge makes it more convenient for the security personnel to identify staff. These badge accessories are inexpensive and highly convenient. 

Here are some of the accessories you can pair with your ID badges.

  1. Lanyards

Lanyards are a go-to option for many to carry their cards. Since lanyards can go around your neck, you can wear your ID badge at all times. Using a lanyard enables you to put your badge on display for easy identification. Lanyards are perfect for employees who have customer-facing jobs as it allows for quick and easy identification. 

Lanyards are inexpensive and can be customized to match the company‚Äôs color scheme or uniform. However, lanyards are not suitable for job roles that require dealing with any type of machinery as they might get stuck since they are always hanging freely from the neck. 

  1. Badge Reels

Unlike the lanyards, badge reels do not hang loosely from the body. These badges have a retractable string often made from elastic that enables the badge to stay close. When the need arises to scan or display the ID, you can extend the badge.

These badges are useful for kids, as they can simply clip the reels to their school bags. Employees can clip the reels on the shirt pocket or belt loop. 

  1. Badge holders

A badge holder is used to protect the ID card from normal wear and tear and makes them harder to lose. The ID badge holder comes in vertical and horizontal orientation. Depending upon your needs, you can choose a flexible, rigid, or semi-rigid holder. 

The badge holders are versatile as you can get different types of attachments with them, making them easy to carry. From a lanyard attachment to magnet attachments, there are many options. 

However, since the badge is enclosed in a rigid or flexible plastic holder, some scanners might not be able to scan your ID. So, every time you need to swipe the card somewhere, you might have to take it out from the holder. 

  1. Strap Clips

Use a strap clip if you always want your card to be attached to your belongings or body. Alligators clips are the most common types of strap clips, wherein the clips hook on the shirt pocket or a sleeve. The card is attached to the clip with a strap or a loop. 

Consider buying strap clips only if you need the badge for identification purposes. If you need the badge to unlock doors, mark attendance, etc., unclipping and clipping the badge might be cumbersome. Moreover, it increases the chance of you losing your ID badge. 

When you use proper accessories to store your ID badges, you prevent them from chipping and from wear and tear, extending their lives. In addition, carrying the badge in person at all times reduces the risk of losing them.