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Advanced Strategies for SEO That Can Double the Search Traffic

As we head into the New Year, devising an effective SEO strategy remains crucial for bringing traffic to your website. Everyone seeks a new approach to get unique traffic to their website. However, effective SEO may take a lot of research and time for implementation. The main reason for that is search engines like Google update their algorithms regularly. These updates add new challenges for the people that are striving to push their website for top rankings. Many businesses struggle to maintain a digital presence and target their demographic of customers. However, employing advanced SEO strategies and marketing for franchises can assist individuals and companies in generating relevant traffic to your website. 

SEO strategies are the tricks and tactics that improve your website and content quality and help it rank better on the search engines. There are more than 400 million active websites on the internet. Your website may also be one of them. But have you ever wondered how you could rank to the top of the search results? It is where these SEO strategies come in handy to stand out from the competition and double the search traffic on your website. With that said, let’s discuss some advanced techniques for SEO that can double the search traffic.

Comprehensive Seo Audit

One of the prime strategies for bringing unique and organic search traffic is performing a comprehensive SEO audit. The process involves testing all the aspects of your website and fixing the possible issues. The auditing will give you insights into your website performance on the search engine. It helps you discover the problems that might be a hurdle for your organic website traffic. The process itself is not much complicated, and you can easily do it yourself.

While doing the comprehensive SEO audit, you will be able to identify the issues and missing links. For that instance, you must look for SEO Meta titles and descriptions. Moreover, also look at whether you are using structured URLs for your website or not. Search engines like Google use crawler bots to crawl through links and websites. In this case, websites should follow a hierarchy of content to assist the users and crawlers in crawling through webpages. This hierarchy of pages is below:

  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Subcategories
  • Content Headings
  • Internal Linking

Crawlers will use this hierarchy of websites to crawl and rank the pages to bring website traffic by ranking you higher. Not just the crawler, but this structure is also essential for the user experience. 

Writing Compelling And Seo Friendly Content

Content is still a king, while content marketing is critical to get off the grounds of SEO. Practical and SEO friendly content can help you to promote your business to the targeted audience. Along with SEO, you will need to focus on the needs of the audience. Writing the content that attracts your audience is the best approach to double the search traffic on your website. 

For that instance, you can employ keyword research to find what your audience is searching for on the search engines. Also, research the targeted audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Quora. This research will assist you in understanding your audience better and developing relevant content. 

Creating Seo Optimized Landing Pages

A well and SEO optimized landing pages can result in better brand recognition and lead generation. Many businesses overlook this factor and scratch their heads over small traffic numbers. However, designing an SEO optimized landing page can give a significant boost to your traffic. 

According to research, 44% of the traffic goes through the home pages rather than landing. That means you will need to focus more on SEO friendly landing pages rather than just the content. These landing pages are simple pages that convert your traffic into leads. These landing pages are easier to rank on the search engines, thus improving the website traffic. All you need to do is optimize your landing page with high search and low, competitive keywords to help them rank in top SERPs. 

Effective Keyword Strategy

To gain maximum traffic on your website, you will need to produce an effective keyword strategy. Most of the business performs keyword research but ends up targeting the wrong audience. This research involves finding the most lucrative keywords that your audience is searching on the internet. After that, you will have to use these keywords in your website to rank it on the search engine. 

As per professionals’ recommendations, you can use different tools like Google Ad words and Google Keywords to perform the keyword research. Using these keywords on your website will increase your website traffic within days. 

Leverage The Broken Links On High Authority Websites

Another most advanced strategy for SEO is to take advantage of the broken links. Broken links offer a more competitive advantage of improving the search engine rank for your website. You can use these broken links and connect them with high authority websites. Since crawlers will crawl the links, it will offer more value to the higher authority pages’ links. 

Ensure Mobile Responsiveness

Apart from utilizing broken links, you must also ensure the mobile responsiveness of your website. Research says, 62% of people surf the internet through mobile devices. It adds more opportunity for you to target your audience through search traffic. Moreover, Google also prefers the mobile search results to provide a better experience to the users. Simultaneously, almost half of users avoid websites that are not responsive to mobile devices. It is always advisable to have both desktops. Mobile versions of the websites can help you save cost while attracting maximum search traffic.

Add Infographics

People always crave visual content. Most traffic gets always drawn towards graphic pages, be it the videos, images, or infographics. Infographics are one of the most effective approaches to double your search traffic. The research has found that infographics add extra value to engagement and reach the content on search engines. Moreover, it also provides maximum comprehension of content to the users, which helps retain the users and bring them back to your site. 

However, good design is also essential to grab the attention of the visitor. Your infographics must also be rich with graphics rather than just the text. Using these infographics can boost your traffic performance and target the visual learning audience. 

Final Words

There are numerous different strategies to increase the traffic to your website. However, using a few of these strategies can lead to immediate and promising results for your search traffic. Take your time to research the audience and optimize the website for the guidelines of the search engines.