Advantages of Brick and Mortar Businesses: Why They’re Still Needed Today

A lot of people think that e-commerce stores have taken over and completely replaced brick and mortar businesses. Well, that definitely a huge assumption and false truth. Sure, since the emergence of online shopping came about there was a dip in sales at brick and mortar stores, forcing some of them to close.

Since the internet came into play, the industry has seen a decline in traffic and consumer shopping habits have evolved but if physical stores have become so seemingly prehistoric, why are big-name e-commerce stores opening up brick and mortar businesses in addition to their e-commerce stores? It’s because there are people in the world who still enjoy getting out and going shopping.

Some people don’t want to do everything from their living room or from their phones… there are still people who enjoy the actual shopping experience that no online store can give. It’s those experiences that keep people coming back to shop. If you are an entrepreneur considering opening up a brick and mortar business but are unsure if you should, take a look at the advantages of opening a brick and mortar business an why they are still needed in a digital world.

Giving the Customers What They Want

In order to be an entrepreneur, you first will need to have specific essentials to be a successful business owner and these essential apply whether you have an e-commerce store or brick and mortar store. But when it comes to an overall shopping experience, a brick and mortar store still has that extra sparkle that online stores just can’t give. So let’s dive into these advantages!

Brick and Mortar Stores Stir Up Curiosity During the Construction Process

If you’ve ever ridden around town and seen that some type of business is being built, didn’t it make you wonder what was being built there? Of course, it did… so much so that it made you continue to drive by it to keep tabs on the progress of it and once it was finally open, you went in the store to check it out. That curiosity is exactly what can drum up business to your startup brick and mortar business.

Being a small business owner, you would definitely need to get familiar with project planning and that would entail finding a good location to open up, renting a fleet of vehicles that will not only be able to transport your construction crew but to also be able to haul around heavy materials needed for the construct of the business.

You can even put your company logo on these trucks so when people drive by and see the trucks, they’ll have a good idea of what’s coming to their area soon. And once they see your business project complete and open for business you better believe you’re going to get traffic.

You Can Directly Talk to a Customer If a Problem Arises

This is one of the big advantages that brick and mortar stores have over e-commerce stores. With e-commerce stores, if problems arise, there is usually a number you can call to that will sometimes solve any issues that customers may have. But sometimes those numbers will give you the run-around, forcing you to speak to this department and that department… with brick and mortar stores, customers don’t have to worry about that.

Being able to speak with an associate or manager means a lot to customers. The fact that they’re able to directly speak with an associate or manager shows that you value your business and even though they may have had an issue with a product or service, speaking with them in person allows you to right whatever wrong they’ve experienced and they will definitely continue to shop at your store.

Customers’ Shopping Experience is Tangible and Credible

With e-commerce stores, you’re always going to run the risk of something not being the right size or not being what it looked like online… those are some of the reasons why e-commerce stores are opening up brick and mortar stores themselves so that they can have a little more credibility in the products they’re selling.

With your brick and mortar store, the question of credibility won’t even exist because customers will be able to come into your store and can actually use all five senses to prove it credible and worthy of buying. When customers are able to see, taste, touch, smell, and hear whatever you’re selling during their shopping experience, they’re more likely to keep coming back, and repeat, loyal customers are exactly what you want for your business.

Customers Experience Instant Gratification

If you need a refresher on instant gratification, let’s take a refresher course. In short, instant gratification is the ability to get something you want when you want it without any delay. With your brick and mortar store, customers will be able to experience that every time they come inside. Instant gratification is one of the biggest downfalls of e-commerce stores.

People will see something online that they like and want to buy but will have to wait until the following week before they will actually be able to receive it. Even with that, upon you receiving your package in the mail, it might not be what you expected or the wrong fit so you’ll have to go through the process of repacking it and sending it back, waiting for the right one to arrive another 5-10 business days… that can be very exhausting.

Now, with e-commerce stores, customers do have the ability to speed up the shipping process but it’s either really expensive or you have to spend a certain amount of money to get a better shipping rate. If you opened your own brick and mortar store, your customers would be able to find what they wanted in the store and buy it right then without having to wait so many business days to receive it, and they leave as happy customers… That’s how you get instant gratification!

According to, instant gratification, the ability to touch all the senses, and expert advice are the very reasons why more and more  e-commerce businesses are opening up brick and mortar business

All in All

Opening your own brick and mortar business can be a big undertaking but in doing so you have some uniques advantages over e-commerce stores that will make your business stand out. Anyone that says brick and mortar stores are old news is full of untruths because there are several e-commerce stores with brick and mortar stores as well so even those businesses see the potential in the market and that’s why you should open your eyes past the internet and see your potential in the brick and mortar business.