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Affiliations of Finance Industries

The financial services industry manages money for individuals and corporations. It comprises such organisations as commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, credit-card companies, consumer finance firms, accounting agencies, and brokerage firms. Affiliates in finance industry is about leveraging different kinds of partners — publishers, bloggers, influencers, et al. — to promote a product, service, or company to their audiences. As a model based on performance, affiliates in finance industry can be a sound investment for financial services and fintech companies. Whether you work for a traditional bank, a fintech app, or an online loan provider, affiliate marketing can help you reach your target audience at every stage of the customer journey. And because you only pay for measurable results in affiliate marketing, it’s a low-risk way for financial services companies to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to their business.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing opens new audiences and insights to financial services companies, driving incremental users and profit. As independent, expert promoters who are paid on a performance basis, affiliate marketers also offer brands more control over their advertising than other channels. This is especially important in the financial services sector, where marketing must adhere to strict regulations and remain in compliance at all times.

1. The American Finance Association (AFA)

The American Finance Association was established in 1939 in Philadelphia. The organization is dedicated to the study of financial economics and works hard to encourage the study of financial economics at college and university levels. The Association is also responsible for the publication of the Journal of Finance which houses recent and relevant research regarding finance and economics. 

2. International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)

This association was designed specifically for those in the accounting industry but is extremely relevant for anyone involved in the financial sector. The Association has over 175 member organizations in over 130 countries and sets the standards for international accounting principles. Member organizations must undergo a rigorous application process, and those in the finance and accounting world should definitely work with their employer to consider joining this prestigious association.

3. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

Many players in the finance industry will eventually seek to open their own practice or begin a consulting venture after years in the field. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a great outlet for entrepreneurs to gain peer-to-peer interaction and learn some solid business practices. The organization has over 160 chapters in 50 countries and offers unmatched learning and mentor opportunities.

4. The Professional Accounting Society of America (PASA)

This savvy organization is designed and structured to assist entry-level and mid-level accountants. The association is dedicated to helping newer professionals navigate some of the business’s toughest challenges. The organization facilitates networking and learning initiatives with the goal of increasing the quality and consistency with which newer accountants and financiers practice in the field.

5. The Association for Finance Professionals (AFP)

This organization is committed to driving excellence in finance and administers certificates and credentials that represent the highest level of excellence and ethics in finance. The organization trains members on the certification process for the Certified Treasury Professional as well as Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credentials. The organization also plans and hosts one of the largest finance conferences in the country. In addition, the organization offers a wealth of career development resources as well as networking and mentorship opportunities.