All-in-One Time Management Solutions by Mitrefinch

Are you looking to manage the time and attendance of your employees in an effective way but you are not sure that how will you manage all of this.

You are still confused that how are you going to do this!

Should I try the manual ways?

Are they going to give me benefit or will I be in loss?

What will be the consequences I am going to face on the way?

All these questions come in every persons mind when he has decided to start to keep track of the employee’s time and attendance.

But the point is that how can a person get accurate and trustworthy answers of these questions.

Here we are going to solve your problem related to this issue!

Mitrefinch Time & Attendance is a thing which is permits you to get exact and simple answers of these questions by keeping a track of your employee time and attendance.

With the help of Time and Attendance system, you can get the real based information from your employees no matter how far are they. They will be strictly bound to work for you and to deliver the required information on the exact time without any delay.

What is Time & Attendance Software?

Before knowing that how Mitrefinch is working to make your life easier you should know that what it is actually.

Everybody wants to make it his business successful and he wishes that its business grows in smooth path. Mitrefinch a platform which provides you products with solution which are helpful for you in various field of business. The Mitrefinch has the ability to make your life easy day by day, mold your business towards success from worst condition.

There is no issue that from what problems you are suffering whether it is handling compliance, update data according to the new information and researches with HR changes and time and attendance of your employees. You can get different solutions of your problems. It can help from different ways, like:

It can improve payroll by managing and tracking the employee Time and Attendance. It compacts the employee related data. It ensures that business is free from complains and track absences of employee. You can enable your mobile and workforce to clock in and out effortlessly.

These all are some ways to help but here are something for you:

  1. Time and Attendance:

The management software of Mitrefinch capture the employee time and attendance on daily basis in a perfect way.

  • This software will provide you with real time payroll correctness
  • It can remove the unauthentic and inaccurate information
  • It can help you in calculating the exact savings


  • It has modifiable dashboards
  • It has complete access on smart and advance devices
  • It has TMS for mobile with full ESS support
  • It can easily embed widgets eternally and eternal resources
  • It can understand almost all languages
  • Another exciting things is that it has advanced messaging functionality
  1. Absence Management

After knowing about time and management the first thing will come in your mind that is Mitrefinch can help in Absence Tracking. If yes, then we are here to solve all issues:


If your employee makes holidays and these holidays are growing with the time then it is the worst time of your company. Because in the absence of your employee all work will be disturbed and it will become a reason of your increased expenses. You can easily avoid these issues by getting the help of Mitrefinch’s, you can think about this, that your company will get many benefits. Then your company will be able to notice any abuse and can also monitor employees’ absence.

You can find different people who wants to contribute through attendance. You can get the power of watching your workforce daily.

  1. Employee scheduling

How well you can manage all the things when you are able to manage the schedule of your staff?


You can get the ability to harness the employee data such as, you will be able to create the automatic staff rosters, necessary skillset are represented when needed, anticipating the staffing levels and optimizing the workforce. You will also be able to prevent the productivity issues and the unnecessary downtime.

  1. Mobile workforce

You will be able to enable the mobile workforce anywhere you want to.  Let us know that how exactly the mobile force is going to help you.


You can allow the off-site and remote employees to check in and out seamlessly with the help of any device.

You will be able to eliminate the inaccurate compliance and time keeping issues.

You can capture the performance of your employees in all the locations.

  1. HR Software:

HR Software gets the data of employees of your company and then centralized it accurately. You can easily access it whenever you want. You can analyze all that accurate data and then can make a report on all the gathered details with human resources.


The time & attendance system can provide you with all the details about your employees like their job applications, trainings, contract details, qualifications, experiences etc.

  • It can easily gather the all information and then can save it for you and make your access to this data easier.
  • It makes thing simple for you and all entire process
  • It also makes a complete and detailed report on labor activity
  • It helps you to spend less time on filing the data of employees by your own and helps you to do quickly administrative assignments.
  1. ESS

By ESS we mean here is the Employee Self Service!


You can empower your employees by providing them with the self-services.  With which they will be able to request the leave without any problem. You will also be able to allow the supervisors to have full control over the staff.

End note

This is how the time & attendance system is helping you in taking your business to reach new heights. You should get it without wasting a single minute!