Branding Tips for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Today’s world is increasingly digital, with the internet and associated innovations completely changing so many aspects of our personal and professional lives. These days, almost everything is done online, from banking to grocery shopping, and countless people turn to their laptops, smartphones, and other connected devices when they want to purchase goods and services.

This is clearly not the best news for brick and mortar businesses, and statistics show that thousands of physical stores are having to close down each and every year, with recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating the problem even more. However, despite these new challenges, the concept of the brick and mortar store still has plenty of life left in it.

Physical locations are still hugely popular with a lot of people, and many shoppers argue that the internet will never be able to replace the sensation of heading out to a real store and buying physical products direct from real people. So, if you’re running a brick and mortar business, there’s still plenty of demand out there for what you’re offering, you just need to know how to give your brand a boost.

Get the Right Look 

One of the absolute fundamentals of running a brick and mortar business is taking care of your location and having the most attractive and professional look possible. You need to catch the eyes of passers-by and grab their attention, and the way you can do this is simply by having a store that looks inviting and enticing.

Make sure you don’t let your store get tired or dilapidated over time. If the front is looking a little tired, spruce it up with a modern acrylic sign for your business, and don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and fresh designs that really help your store stand out from its surroundings, rather than blending in with the boring background like so many others.

The Best Customer Service and Experiences

When you’re running an online business or e-shop, customers mostly browse for products and buy items on their own, with the customer support department only helping out when needed. In brick and mortar stores, however, customer service can make all the difference to the experience. In fact, it can be the ‘make or break’ factor that helps a customer decide if they want to return to your store again, recommend it to friends, and so on.

One of the best ways in which small brick and mortar businesses can compete with the online giants is by connecting with their customers in-store. You can work on this by hiring and training the friendliest and most helpful staff, treating every customer with care, and always looking for ways to improve their experience through things like self-checkout machines or mobile pay support.

Buddy Up with Local Businesses

When you’re a brick and mortar store, a lot of your business is typically going to come from the local community, so it’s really important to forge a strong relationship with that community. One way in which you can do this is by actually visiting local small businesses and discussing potential ways to work together.

In this day and age, at a time when e-commerce is causing a lot of small businesses to suffer, many brick and mortar brands are eager for any help they can get. So it’s likely that local businesses will welcome your offer, and you can forge some great working relationships together. You might consider sourcing some supplies from a local company at a reduced price, for example, or asking a nearby business to stock leaflets or posters advertising your store to their customers.

In-Store Events and Promotions

One of the questions you need to repeatedly ask yourself when trying to run a successful brick and mortar business is “What can we offer that online stores can’t?” You should always be thinking of ways to bring people into your store and take advantage of the fact that you have a physical location, always seeing it as a positive, rather than a negative.

In-store events are a perfect example of something that a brick and mortar store can do, which an e-shop simply cannot. If you run a book shop, for example, you could bring in an author for a signing, or if you run a toy store, you could have weekly play sessions for the kids.

Final Word

Running a brick and mortar business in the modern era may be more of a challenge than it once was, but the rewards are still there and success can still be attained if you have the right approach. Keep these tips in mind and take your business to the next level.