Building an enterprise-friendly software

The concept of enterprise software development is one, which is fast gaining interest among software engineers. This is because of the rapid rate at which enterprises are integrating technology into their daily routines. Enterprise software is computer software, which is used to manage the day-to-day affairs of an enterprise. It is software designed for the smooth running of an enterprise and covers areas:

  • customer care unit;
  • staff management center;
  • HR department;
  • accounting department and other aspects of an enterprise.

Enterprise software is developed to ensure or promote efficient running of the enterprise as well as improve the productivity of the enterprise. The key to designing efficient and enterprise-friendly software is to consider the following issues:

  • Overall financial requirement: The global economic Elements of developing enterprise software is, without doubt, an essential factor to consider. Most enterprises operate with a specific budget dedicated to each sector of their organization. It is the goal of every enterprise both small scaled and large firms to minimize the cost of production while simultaneously maximizing profits. The cost of developing an enterprise software, which includes the initial cost of development up to the value of maintenance and the cost of operation has to be kept as minimum as possible without sacrificing quality and performance and as well as the utilization of the software. An approach to this would be to develop the software with a community wide supportive programming language like Python and Php which allows for relative easy access to support for problems encountered while developing the software.
  • Ease of Use and user-friendliness: In designing and developing enterprise software, usability and Ease of Use is also an essential factor to consider. This is because well-developed software, which is difficult for its users to operate, will have low utilization. Enterprise software has to be designed with the user in mind. Developers have to create it in a way that the software is easy to understand and operate. An approach to this would be to develop the software with the expected user estimated computer usability knowledge.
  • Security: The security of an enterprise should be of most Importance to the software developer. Enterprise software developers have to keep in mind that vital information like trade secrets, intellectual properties, employee information, and other similar data must be kept safe. A breach in the security of an enterprise can put the future of the enterprise in jeopardy and led to severe losses. Developers must ensure that safety remains a priority throughout the development of enterprise software. Shortcuts are to be avoided, and developers are encouraged to persuade enterprises to include the best security features in their software in cases where such features are expensive. Persuading and convincing enterprises that it is a lot cheaper to set up a good security system in their software than it is to fix security breaches in the future.
  • Enterprise Software Performance: Enterprise software is as good as its performance under high traffic. Under-performing software would hinder the productivity of the enterprise. The software has to be developed to perform efficiently under various conditions and also able to play reliably during high operation periods. It is also essential that the software operates well on different platforms.

Enterprise software is vital to the efficient running of the enterprise as it greatly affects productivity of the enterprise. An enterprise without enterprise software to manage and automate critical functions of that enterprise is bound to be highly unproductive and the cost of operating such an enterprise would be unavoidably high.

It is also important that developers have it mind that Enterprise software is business oriented. That is to say that its key features are ones that make the enterprise more productive. This should include the chance for easy upgrades or addition of features and/or functions. Also, software should be developed to allow easy integration with other software to enterprise uses in its production operations.

Also, enterprise software is to be developed in such a way that it allows for easy management. It should have a feature that will enable a clear distinction between managerial and regular staffs operational area.

Data management is among the key areas to be considered when developing enterprise software. With every operation carried out in the enterprise, more data would be required to be processed and/or stored. The enterprise software has to be able to handle the management of these data as the come in and go out. Enterprise software developers should ensure that these new data would not cause an additional fee in the cost of operation for the enterprise and if it does, it would be minimal.