Can a lack of storage influence your business productivity?

Whether you work in an office, inside a warehouse or even from home, space is one of the most important things needed to keep your business organized. Having ample space at your disposal gives you the ability to dedicate areas to tasks and allocate items into a clear and tidy manner.

This is important for many reasons. From keeping track of account records to being able to fact check claims via previous documentation. Most importantly however, organization helps us maximize productivity in the workplace.

Locating what you need

One of the most important aspects of productivity is getting into what people have called “the flow state”. This is a state of mind in which a person is almost subconsciously working through a list of tasks, and it can make time feel like it is going by faster and that the effort required to concentrate is a lot less.

The best way to stay in this state is to have no interruptions. One such interruption would be not being able to find an important piece of information which is necessary, and an unorganized or cluttered workspace makes this scenario much more likely.

By investing in external storage solutions or adapting spaces to contend with more items, these eventualities will become a lot less frequent and therefore help keep employees in a state of flow for a lot longer. 

Stock numbers

When it comes to logistics or retail ventures, the amount of stock a business can hold on site can also play a part in how much work is able to be done on a daily basis. Having plenty of warehouse space for stock at your disposal means that you can fulfil more orders and avoid the dreaded ‘out of stock’ sign appearing on popular items.

Calculating how much stock is necessary for a business to run at maximum capacity is something that can be done using a modern point of sale system, which can understand how much stock is being ordered, when and where, and therefore the amount of stock necessary to fulfil the estimated orders. 

Motivational factors

There can also be a psychological impact to a business knowing that it is lacking in inventory storage. If employees in the sales team are aware of the businesses limitations in its stock, then they may very well start to take their foot off the pedal when they’re aware that they’re close to hitting the quota of sales that the businesses stock can realistically fulfil.

Whilst managers can try to convince otherwise, employees are often well aware of business limitations, so will not opt to work if they feel it is for nothing.

By investing in more storage options and therefore having space to hold more stock or inventory options, the sales team will have no such detrimental thoughts to deal with and be in a position where they’re able to sell to their heart’s content!