Can Microsoft Teams Enhance The Way That You Collaborate?

We all live in a technology-driven world. From the alarms that wake us up in the morning to the TV shows we watch before we go to bed; every moment of our lives is likely to involve technology in one way or another. What this means is that whether we like it or not, it’s simply not feasible to shun new technological advances; instead, we should embrace them and move with them into a new, high-tech era. When it comes to workplace collaboration, the thesis remains the same. Whilst the nostalgia of traditional face-to-face meetings with clients, colleagues, and suppliers may seem brilliant in retrospect, those days are quickly fleeting and are being replaced with a new wave of technologies and platforms that are custom built to streamline and enhance the ways that we work together. Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing tool in history in this field, so we’ve detailed the ways that it can help your business boom!

How Does It Work?

In short, very easily. Microsoft Teams operates incredibly easy for users with any level of expertise with technology, so it is one of the most straightforward platforms to integrate into any business. Essentially, Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that allows you to create specific hubs and teams for different projects, clients, suppliers, and customers, whilst also integrating all of your favourite platforms for a seamless all-in-one experience.

Microsoft Teams can allow users to share, chat, and connect to their team more effectively than ever before, making project work and collaboration a deeper, exciting, and more immersive experience throughout the business. Within Teams, you’ll be able to share documents from a wide range of different applications, chat to contacts instantly, and video-call with colleagues and clients for a true face-to-face connection that allows you to pick up on behavioural cues that simply can’t be conveyed through written messages.

How To Integrate It

The number one way to utilise Microsoft Teams for your business is to have a custom-built Microsoft Teams Room set up – these are specific meeting rooms that are designed with your company in mind, giving you the perfect arrangement for your business’ needs. Whether you’re looking for an intimate huddle space or a huge conference space for the most pivotal meetings, you’ll be able to tailor Microsoft Teams to suit you, so you’ll always have an ideal video-enabled meeting area to help you boost productivity, streamline collaboration, and help you to reach a positive end goal quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for devices to help you fully adopt Microsoft Teams into your day to day operations, then there’s a huge selection available; it’s all about finding the setup that works best for your company.

One of the devices that’s had a huge impact on the collaborative industry in recent times is the Surface Hub 2 by Microsoft; this is a high-powered touchscreen tablet that has huge functionality in group-based tasks and presentations. Surface Hub 2 also enables you to connect and chat without the need for a full room set up – the Surface Hub 2 brings versatility and mobility to your meetings so that they can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere. There’s lots more to discover with the Surface Hub 2, so be sure to read up on it a bit further if you’re interested in implementing it into your business’ operations.

As an alternative to the Surface Hub, the Logitech Tap can also be used to your advantage alongside Microsoft Teams, giving you a simple yet functional centre-point to operate the platform from within your meeting rooms, with the sleek angled design looking great as part of a modern, cutting edge collaboration space. This sophisticated device acts as an operational hub from which you can connect multiple devices and work in tandem with your colleagues, whilst also bringing the added feature of one-touch join for video calls. This makes video conferences between yourselves and your clients, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders much easier to manage and partake in.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure that your systems and communication methods remain accessible to people who are still using less advanced technology than yourselves – without this accommodation, you might not be able to connect with a portion of your desired contacts. Kinly is a Gold Partner of Pexip, who provide free cloud video interop for Microsoft Teams when you purchase a Teams Room service or Surface Hub 2 device, which helps you to alleviate this issue and allows you to continue to connect and work with whomever you desire through Microsoft Teams meetings, regardless of the systems that they’re using.