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Career in Blockchain: 5 Jobs That Will Change How an Organisation Works

“Blockchain is a tsunami that replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof. I love the way blockchain works and what it promises for the future.”

In 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto used Blockchain technology for the first time to create bitcoin, he knew both had a vast potential to grow in the upcoming future.

In a study done by Upwork, Blockchain captured the first position in the hottest jobs for freelancers. It is alone to understand the value it brings with its evolving technology. The demand for blockchain is on rising major impacting areas of operation worldwide. The growing trend of using this technology does not confine only to businesses; many educational institutes have also started blockchain courses on various grade levels. The disruptions have been such that it has forced world leaders to come together to join hands with the sweeping changes in the modern digital era. Blockchain promises to solve all the future personal or professional operating problems.

What is Blockchain?

With the backing of mathematics, blockchain is an open-source distributed ledger that can keep a permanent record of every transaction occurring worldwide.

With this technology, we can easily imagine the world holding all the data safe and secure in a transparent shared database. Each transaction or data is protected from every kind of tampering, deletion, or modification. Every progression, signature, contract, operation, information, or payment is held securely, which can later be identified, deposited, shared, and authenticated. A vast ocean of potential still awaits the exploration.

Why Should We Care About the Vast Potential?

  • It has brought revolution in the new age technology with reliability
  • With the increase in operating speed, it continues to grow the scale with easy inter-operability
  • Back by a mathematical framework, it builds trust with scaling adoption
  • With privacy, it provides a sense of security to use every information efficiently

These are only a few matrices to consider using it in every aspect of knowledge transfer. There lies a whole new world inside blockchain waiting to be explored. It does not matter if it’s people, data or something else, anything that conceives a supply chain shall become part of the decentralized network.

Many global conglomerates, along with educational institutions, have taken it as their responsibility to bring out the reform with blockchain courses. Like every other field, Blockchain world is opening opportunities every day in different segments. Every opportunist can kickstart their career in this industry.

Let’s explore some of the many opportunities that blockchain has opened since its dawn

Blockchain requires research and adoption while maintaining their leadership and analytical skills to build new strategies and develop a reliable project.

Some of the hottest positions in the industry are:

  1. Blockchain Developer

There are already many companies in operation who rely on blockchain to complete their process such as Ethereum Projects, Huobi Global, etc. Similar companies require a blockchain developer who can build their projects with expertise. As these platforms are high in demand, you can either develop your career with them or start your new project. Blockchain industry welcomes entrepreneurs with open arms. Some industries may call it blockchain engineer; nonetheless, expertise area doesn’t change. If you have an eye for technological details, you can join them in no time.

  • Project Manager

The work of a blockchain project manager varies vastly. From connecting dots of technology to industry experts, the work potential of a project manager in this industry is enormous. With an experience of non-technical and technical project management, the know-how of the industry standards and sourcing is required.

  • Blockchain Designer

As the industry expands in various formats, a need for blockchain designer always arises. It is a must for a designer to know about the smooth user experience that denotes trust. The design must be appealing for a standard convention to use attributes effectively. If you possess the knowledge, there are a lot of potential opportunities growing in the decentralized world of blockchain.

  • Quality engineer

It is a work aspect like that of a traditional quality assurance engineer. He who possesses the knowledge of testing the automation framework is eligible to start the career with industry experts. They must guide the project strategy for development works and maintenance of quality.

  • Blockchain consultant

Every organization while launching or in the long run require a legal framework. Many companies leveraging the advanced technology ask for expertise to know legalities of running a business or maintaining finances.

These are some of the many opportunities blockchain holds in this modern digital era. As long as the industry continues to grow, the opportunities will keep on increasing.

Speed Up Your Career with Revolutionized Technology

In India, many companies like Wazir X and IBM continues to explore the potential. Many institutes have joined hands with the technology to provide education to young minds at an early stage. UPES is one such esteemed institution which provides blockchain courses starting from a bachelor’s degree. With UPES, you can code your way to cutting-edge technology. The collaborative program with IT industry giants, you can get your specialized education with hands-on experience from the experts. UPES School of Computer Science has varied specialized fields which lets you learn and scrutinize.

As Satoshi says, “I’m sure in the next 20 years, every transaction will be carried from decentralized blockchain in large volumes”, we shouldn’t be left far behind.

Let’s gain a new territory of freedom with Blockchain and cryptography.