Choosing the Best CAPI Software for Your Survey

For decades, surveys have been instrumental in providing us with quality insights on economy, health, education, business, politics, and a broad range of other topics, as noted in a Pew Research article. If you want to know how customers are responding to your business, only a survey can give you professional and trustworthy data.

Here are some tips on choosing the best CAPI software for your survey

However, the survey tools you use to conduct the study determine the accuracy of the result. One of the tools used is the Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) software. It is used by a live interviewer to collect data on a tablet or a portable device. The answers are marked down on the device and then synchronized with a server for analysis. Below we will discuss how to choose the right CAPI software for your survey project.

Consider Online/Offline Versatility

To perform an interview using a CAPI software, the interviewer needs to go to the field to intercept the respondent there. The places where the surveyor conducts the study may range from urban offices, busy streets, to remote settlements. Internet connectivity in some areas is not guaranteed, and this can be a hurdle when using software that only relies on internet connectivity.

To keep your survey project running smoothly, go for a capi software that has semi-offline or completely offline working modes. This will enable you to conduct offline interviews and upload the results when you have access to the internet. This critical ability ensures your survey doesn’t stall when there is no connectivity.

Ease of Use

80% of respondents have abandoned a survey halfway through, according to a Forbes article. Delays between questions can frustrate and turn away respondents. If you want your respondent to take part in the entire interview, you need to equip your surveyor with a tool that is easy to use and one which as an adaptive display. A good CAPI software will enable the interviewer to navigate through questions and do their job with ease. 

GPS Integration

When it comes to CAPI surveys, your interviewers are always on the ground gathering data. Tracking their location can be quite a challenge, especially when they are many and in diverse areas. GPS, therefore, is an indispensable resource for your study’s quality control.

 A CAPI platform that has a GPS tracking feature will allow you to closely monitor your interviewers and manage the project better. As GPS is integrated with google maps, you can precisely tell who did a particular survey, the location it occurred, and the routes that the surveyors used.

Extra Features

A good CAPI software should be customizable to fit the type of survey project you want to do. After initial training, no technical skills should be required to input questionnaire questions for your current and future surveys. It should also have flexible features such as logic control to navigate through the questionnaire, multi-language support, compatibility with different devices, security layers, and future update plans.

A good CAPI software should be customizable to fit the type of survey you are making

A CAPI software that can effectively capture all forms of data can bring extra benefits to your survey. Modern tools when used with a good survey device not only record text and numbers, they also play and capture videos, photos, and sound recordings, as noted by GreenBook Blog. With this CAPI technology, you can capture unlimited amounts of audio recordings, videos, and images to help you analyze the survey better.

Key Takeaways

If you want your face to face survey to deliver factual end results, you need to invest in the right CAPI software. Working with the best outreach tool will smoothen your data collection processes, get you quality insights from respondents, and allow you to become an information leader within your field.