industry 4.0

CMM Machines with the Latest Software Embody Industry 4.0

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines) played an enormous role in helping to rescue Western manufacturing when it was threatened by greater competition unleashed by globalization. How could North American factories possibly be profitable against factories burdened by fewer regulations and much lower labour costs?

The answer was increased automation, and CMM machines were instrumental on production lines because they could perform quality control faster and with more accuracy than a human employee could. While they’re known for being stalwarts of automation, CMM machines sometimes require a human employee to work alongside them.

However, the latest CMM software represents Industry 4.0, the name given to the stage of technological advancement where machines can communicate with each other.

Machines Working in Tandem

Even factories described as being wonderful exemplars of automation have their fair share of human employees. No factory is 100% automated, even if people tend to think they are.

Today’s modern factories have CMM machines that work even more efficiently than their predecessors on production lines because they can sense almost as if by intuition when there is a machine breakdown further downstream. This ability to know when there are equipment malfunctions can save factories time and money by diagnosing problems earlier and more accurately.

Imagine the time it takes to inspect these machines and determine the problem, and how much more productive your factory can be when modern software can get you this time back. Just like new industrial waves unleashed greater eras of productivity, the latest CMM software can be more than just a mere boost to your bottom line.

How to Find the Right Programs

Often, the people with the best knowledge of metrology equipment and software are the people who sell and repair it. Look for a business that has been in operation for decades, as they have more experience with this equipment than anyone.

Metrology dealerships can give you expert consultations when buying used or new CMM machines, or even if you’re just trying to learn more about the software currently in your machine versus what else is available on the market. 

If a different software could help your equipment get a better performance, they’ll let you know. Be sure to consult a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association, as they are bound by an ethics code that ensures they give you full and accurate information about machinery or software you buy. 

In a world filled with dazzling new gadgets and brilliant innovation, it’s crucial to identify what modern tech will really achieve results and which is just a flashy trend. Manufacturers in the West know that CMM machines are stalwarts of production and quality control assurance, but when you put the latest software in them, they’ll take things to another level. Get excited for Industry 4.0 to reach your factory in the form of cutting-edge CMM software that will give you the boost you need.