Conference Room for Your Business Event: What Should It Be?

Today business events and seminars are an integral part of modern business life. Professional staff training means a lot for self-respecting company executives.

Organization of such events is often held in ready-made conference halls of hotels.

If you plan to gather a seminar only on your own, without resorting to renting it, study the main rules of training organization, as well as the basic principles of reception and accommodation of guests in meeting rooms.

Choose a suitable conference hall for your event.

Before you begin organizing a conference, you need to find the right room. These may be empty and spacious rooms in new office buildings, library auditoriums, institutes, or separate food service rooms. In the latter case, it is best if the room has a separate entrance. If there are 50 or more people on stream, the assembly halls of concert halls and culture houses will be suitable.

The next step is to specify the total number of people attending the seminar. On the basis of this amount, you will plan the seating arrangement. In addition, provide a whiteboard or screen and a projector to demonstrate pre-prepared presentations.

Be sure to arrange a table on which to place decanters with water, disposable cups for coffee and tea. Instead of containers with water, you can place a cooler with filtered water, which will automatically keep the temperature (hot and cold). Also pre-purchase cookies and sweets for coffee breaks.

It is worth keeping in mind the sound isolation of the room. Outside sounds should not interfere with the presenter, knock him off his mind and prevent participants from learning the material.

Ventilation plays an important role. If there are several dozens of people in the room, then after a while, due to the poor supply of fresh air, the performance of more than half of those present will drop dramatically.

Armchairs or chairs should be as comfortable as possible and designed for a long stay in one position. In addition, prepare paper for notes, notebooks, and ballpoint pens.

A modern conference room, what is it like?

Most modern lecture rooms for streaming seminars are equipped with everything you need. If you are facing the challenge of connecting several groups from different cities, an hourly conference room with specially installed hardware and software is the right solution.

Special installations include:

  • video communication system, which can be used for uninterrupted broadcasting in several places simultaneously;
  • audio system equipment, i.e. microphones and loudspeakers;
  • visual information display systems – projectors, presentation screens and whiteboards for recordings;
  • video recording systems, which will allow you to create a portfolio, presentation, promotional video of the training or preview for the next seminar;
  • computer equipment – the presence of several laptops or computers for common work in a particular system.

A modern conference room should not be made in dark tones, as participants feel more comfortable in a bright spacious room. Furniture, which is also important in the room, tables and chairs should not be massive and too ramshackle or guests will risk leaving the room with their clothes ruined.

And remember that those who attend should feel as comfortable as possible in the conference room.