Coworking Conclusions – A Guide to Coworking Spaces in Auckland

Auckland’s diverse population has embraced the coworking phenomenon in that in the last two years the city has seen the number of spaces double. Moreover, more than just your average start-up and techie business comprise this scene. Major businesses are beginning to invest in an office set up that has shown even corporate giants how to maximise team work in a more flexible atmosphere.

A coworking space in Auckland provides businesses and professionals alike the chance to work in one of the most dynamic environments in the country. Auckland, already being New Zealand’s largest city, is a place that draws industry naturally. However, those looking to join the coworking community should keep a few things in mind in their search.

Keep reading to learn more about finding the perfect coworking space in Auckland for your business.

Finding Community

One of the major differences between leasing a coworking space and leasing other office formats is that professionals typically join a community. Not only do you use the coworking space as workspace, but the open floor environment lends itself to being able to explore your environment and tap into the type of creativity that promotes innovation. While initially your first point-of-contact with anyone will be at the hot desk or dedicated desk, the chance to meet professionals from a wide range of industries is always a present part of working in this type of community.

Professionals can also find mentors from this population, as many spaces are occupied by businesses and professionals from a diverse array of fields. In the coworking space, your mentor can be a sounding board or even a place to find information. Ultimately, the coworking space doubles as both work and networking space, all for the purpose of creating a community that supports collaboration and industry.

Maximising Space

In the coworking space, the one characteristic that separates it from other working arrangements is that it allows you versatility in using the space. Other than using the space for work, coworking professionals can also use the space to purposefully network with others in the office. Whether talking up your ideas at the hot desk or mingling at coworking events, professionals can use this space to form the foundation of building relationships.

Coworking professionals can also use the space to form collaborative teams. These team building opportunities can culminate into some pretty great ideas that can raise your business’s profile. Finally, the coworking space can be a platform for your own business in that you could essentially use traditional public relations to engage the coworking community and possibly attract business.

Tapping Into The Office’s Potential

For ambitious professionals, the coworking lease is flexible enough to allow you to work in two places at once. If you find your space in one location is working for business, consider testing markets in another place. With low-cost leasing and shorter terms, you could essentially lease space in other areas as business grows. If your leasing company has offices in other locations in the city, you benefit from being able to access these offices at a lower rate. In essence, coworking allows you the flexibility to move around. Ultimately, the coworking space provides businesses with flexibility to grow comfortably without having to worry about costs associated with leasing another office.

Coworking Auckland

The coworking boom in this city does not appear to have reached its peak because, according to Bayleys, more square meters of office space is being designated for coworking spaces. Coworking Auckland provides office space for all types of businesses and coworking spaces with a range of missions. However, finding a space in a landscape filled with coworking offices will all depend on your business’s needs.