Create a PDF Fillable form using the PDFelement Pro

The PDF form creator makes it very easy for us to be able to create a form on our own. We can design an online form as per our convenience with the help of PDF to Fillable PDF converter. There are two easy to create Fillable PDF forms which are manually or automatically. The former helps you in creating a customized form that you can design on your own. The automatic PDF Fillable form can be taken from online software. You can now easily make it accessible for people to be able to fill the form via any online website or emails. These Fillable PDF forms are the best for you in terms of business, online recruitment, applying for exams, etc.

PDFelement Pro is the best PDF Fillable form creator with ready-made form templates. It helps you create professional forms for business purposes.

  • PDFelement Pro is the most recommended software to create a PDF Fillable Form. It helps in adding all the fields required in the form such as checkboxes, multiple-choice questions, blank text areas, etc.
  • It helps in making it possible for you to email the form or embed it on your website so that the users can fill it on their laptops, mobiles, or desktops.
  • It also adjusts the line spacing and page margins.
  • You can add page numbers, brand images, business logos for a professional look.

Create a PDF Fillable Form Manually

  1. Open the PDF file
  2. First, install and launch the software, then drag and drop the desired PDF file into the program window.
  3. Choose a PDF template out of all which are available.
  • Create a Fillable form
  • Go to the ‘Form’ tab and use the ‘Add text field’, ‘Add Checkbox’ or any other tool from the software to manually convert the PDF files.
  • Right-click on all buttons for changing the properties of the file.
  • You can now choose various features such as color, theme, and appearance for the Fillable fields.
  • Edit the attributes of the text fields by right-clicking or double-clicking the text field. Then open the ‘Properties’ on the pop-up windows. This will help you in setting the appearance of the text.
  • Open the radio button properties and change the style in the ‘Options’ tab.
  • Then choose the checkbox properties windows, and select the ‘Options’ tab for changing the style. You can change the default style of checkmark to a circle, cross, diamond, or a star.
  • Next, make a button for submitting the form by selecting button properties window. You can choose the ‘Actions’ tab and select the ‘Submit a form’. Under the ‘Select Action’, click on the ‘Add’ button for choosing the file format which you want to submit.
  • You can select wither the ‘HTTP address’ or ‘Email address’, and then enter the same to the URL box.
  • Save the Fillable form
  • After making all the required settings now click on the ‘Close form editing’ button. Now you can start filling the PDF Fillable form.
  • Go to the ‘File’ menu to ‘save’ the file.

Create a Fillable form automatically

  1. Load the PDF file

Open the existing PDF form, or else you can also open an existing template of the form.

  • Recognize the fields

Go to the ‘form’ tab and click the ‘Form field recognition’ button for detecting the form fields automatically and creating the Fillable fields.

  • Save the form
  • With the automatic form filed recognition feature, you will be able to change the properties.
  • Then click on the ‘Close form editing’ button for filling the form or send it to others for filling.
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