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Creative Ways to use web push notifications to increase sales

When it comes to establishing effective communication with the audience, there is no match to push notifications. This is the reason why business owners from around the world are in favor of WordPress Push Notifications.

Moreover, push notifications are not only known for engaging customers, but they are also well known for driving sales.

You must be probably wondering why I was not able to increase sales using push notifications?

Well if you are facing such a situation, no worries. Here are creative ways to use web push notifications to increase sales.

  1. Rich media: When it comes to visuals there is no match to the effect it creates in the mind of the audience. This is what puts you ahead of your competitors. You can add images, graphics, videos, emojis, gifts, etc to WooCommerce Push Notifications. This will create an eye-catchy effect.

As a result, the chances are high that the audience will go for immediate action. This will further increase the chances of a sale right on the spot. Moreover, rich media will let you add more information in a single push notification as compared to the text alone. This will let you convince the audience by taking them on a short and effective product journey.

  1. Segmentation and Personalization: When it comes to web push notifications campaigns, it is not all about sending the same push notifications to an audience around the world. The thing is, the interests of people vary with age, gender, educational background, and so on.

This means if you are sending the same web push notifications to all of your audience. You are not doing any good as most of the audience will not be motivated to even open and see your notification. You can use segmentation in which you can segment the audience on the basis of age, gender, region, etc. This will generate an interest in the mind of the audience to view your notification.

You can further increase your results by sending personalized push notifications. This will further increase your chances of closing the sale on the spot itself.

  1. Create urgency: It is difficult to sell your product or service to someone who is not in need of it at that particular moment. This is why you are not able to convince the audience to purchase.

You can create that need by creating urgency. By urgency means, you can reach the audience in advance about sales and discounts that you are going to offer. This will let them make their mind to grab the deal before anyone else.

As a result, when you will notify them about the final sale and that too with the reverse timer and other such notifications like “Hurry, the stock is running out”, Only 2 items left”. The chances are high that you will end up fulfilling your sales target.

  1. Cross-sell and Up-sell: Cross-sell means recommendations of complimenting components and accessories. It is like offering the SD card, guard, quick adapter, etc with a smartphone that doesn’t include these items in the box.

On the other hand, upselling means motivating a user for a higher version of the product or service by telling additional benefits. This is like convincing a user to go with a flagship phone instead of the mid-segment phone.

In simple words when you are offering useful recommendations to your user with the help of web push notifications at regular intervals of time, the chances are high that users will be motivated to consider the recommendation. This will eventually lead to a sale in most cases.

  1. Cart Abandonment notifications: In the busy world, most of the audience is confused with the variety that is available online. As a result, they put several items in the cart and finally switch to some other platform in search of more quality or discounted products. In this process, the items are left in the cart.

In another case, the audience becomes interested in products or services. They even add items to the cart but then they get involved in some other activity. As a result, the busy schedule does not allow them to recall the items that are left abandoned in the cart.

In this case, you can effectively use web push notifications to remind users about those abandoned items in the cart. This will let them strike back and the chances are high that this visit will end up in a purchase.

Conclusion: Most business owners weren’t able to implement web push notifications effectively. As a result, they are not able to achieve their sales target. If you were one of them, you are not going to remain the same anymore because now you have creative ways to use web push notifications that are going to increase sales.