Design Tips For A Better Work Environment

With the average person spending 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work, it is crucial to our everyday happiness that the environment we are working in is effective and well-designed. We all know about the extremes that Google has gone to in order to create a happier office environment for their employees, however, designing a better working environment doesn’t need to cost millions. Here are the best tips for improving your office space.

Encourage Movement

People working in an office will often need mental breaks after a long stint sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen. These small frequent breaks are very beneficial to the productivity of your employees as it allows them to put one task aside and prepare themselves for the next one with a clearer mind. Encourage movement in the office by designing the layout of items such as the copying machine to be at the other side of the room, or in a completely different room so that the employee will need to take a short walk to stimulate their mind.

Understand The Power Of Colour

Being in business already, you may already know about the importance of choosing the best color for your brand in the logo, however, there is also real importance in how colours can affect human psychology. Color the office bright yellow to encourage optimism and happiness, or perhaps choose a nice calming blue color to prevent stressful feelings.

Let The Sun Shine

Allowing natural light to seep into the office can help to boost employees’ moods due to that extra exposure to vitamin D, along with improving their mental health and work safety. If there is not much opportunity to allow natural light into the office, then make sure you install mirrors that can reflect what little light there is in the room. 

Install A Ventilation System

There are many benefits to improving the air quality in a room, such as impacting the health and satisfaction of employees by reducing the humidity in the air and preventing mold from forming on surfaces. Heat recovery systems allow air to circulate the office by recycling indoor air and mixing it with fresher, outdoor air at the same time as saving your business additional heating costs.

Create Designated Zones

The simplest form of a ‘zone’ would be the office kitchen or canteen where the employees can leave their desk to enjoy an alternative environment from the one, they have been working in. Taking this designated zone idea another step forward might be a great idea for encouraging better creativity and communication between team members, such as a ‘collaboration zone’ or maybe even a ‘games zone’. 

These are just a handful of helpful tips that can re-vamp your office and get your employees thinking differently to further benefit your business. Remember that happier and healthier employees means increased productivity and decreased absenteeism, but most importantly, better mental health for employees during those 90,000 hours they’ll potentially be spending in your office.