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DIY Design And Branding: Summoning You Inner Creative

Some folks think that you need to go to university for graphic design or take an extensive online course to learn how to design a logo. If you’re starting a small business, some slick opportunist might try charging you an arm and a leg for a simple design; unless you magically have a huge budget, resist the impulse to cave.

It goes without saying that if you are starting a small business, you are probably quite passionate about the goods or services that you are providing. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, you should at least dig deep on this one occasion and see what you can come up with. When you assign a creative task to your subconscious and then go about your daily routine, often your mind will generate unexpected and impressive results.

It’s like Don Draper says in Mad Men: when he needs a good idea, he works hard for a few hours, then goes to the movies. When you relax the mind, ideas appear almost out of nowhere.

Why Your Logo is Important

Whether you’re a coffee shop, a hardware store or a lingerie outlet, you need a good logo to attract customers. Even when your clients don’t realize they’re being partially pulled in by a good-looking design, the logo and signage is working its subtle magic – when you stand out from the crowd, it makes all the difference. In the year 2018, there is an immense amount of competition across every field of business.

A lazy, ugly logo will either make you stand out in a negative way, or render you invisible at a glance. With more and more retailers peddling their business through an online platform, signage and branding is more important than ever if you have a brick and mortar space. Furthermore, if the logo design is charming and personal and your clients connect with it, you could print custom hoodies in Toronto to retail or give away as extras to loyal customers.

Some custom apparel businesses even have custom online design studios to help you nail those custom tees. Custom branded apparel amounts to free advertising and bolsters a sense of community connection.

Hire a Pro to Refine Your Work 

With any luck, if you give yourself enough time you will have that creative breakthrough and arrive at a simple but effective image that conveys the vibe of your business. Really, it shouldn’t be overcomplicated – look at the Apple logo, it’s the most basic image imaginable! Having said that, we understand that some folks haven’t drawn since grade school, and therefore may need a bit of help carrying their vision beyond a childish sketch.

Since you’ll need a website anyway, you could potentially give your rough design to the web designer and see how it comes out. Web designers are less prone to gouging customers than freelance graphic designers claiming that you can’t put a price on true inspiration.

Hopefully you’ll walk away from this post with two lessons in mind: (1) branding is important, however, (2) you shouldn’t have to pay unreasonable sums of money for a simple design. Your small business is an extension of your personality and values; your logo and signage should be as well.