Do Your Bit to Save the Climate with These Solar Products

According to studies, the average electricity consumption in every Indian household is approximately 90 units (kWh) per month. Now that’s the average consumption of one family, imagine it on a national, or a global scale. With an ever-increasing demand for electricity, the over-consumption of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels is at an all-time high. At the present rate, fossil fuels may only last up till 2060.

Considering the environmental benefits, and being ecologically smarter, you can easily switch to an alternative source of energy, such as solar power. A clean and sustainable form of energy that not only helps decrease pollution levels, but also ensures substantial savings in the long run. But to generate solar energy, you need to have a proper set-up of  solar products, which can limit your dependence of electricity that is supplied to your homes through the grid.

Saving the environment and its resources is not just your, but everyone’s responsibility. So, you should do your bit by using solar products. Though, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which solar product is right for you. With such an extensive range of solar products are available in the market, you must choose the best one from renowned manufacturers like Luminous India.

Turn your house into a green home by investing in some of these solar products to start using green energy:

Solar PV Panel 

When the sun shines on solar PV panels mounted on your rooftop, the sun’s (Solar) energy is absorbed by the electrons present inside the solar cells. This absorption activates the electrons and they start moving around, which creates direct current (DC). Subsequently, the produced power is then transmitted to an inverter for further conversion into alternating current (AC), as DC cannot be used to operate home appliances. 

Before you decide on a solar panel, you must know about these two types – polycrystalline and monocrystalline, the arrangement of which further depends on the type of silicon cells used in them. 

Read below to find more about the two types of solar panels:

Polycrystalline panels:

Polycrystalline solar panels are made of a slice cut from a silicone plate. The cells of these solar panels consist of several types of crystals and are visible with a speckled reflective appearance and slice thickness. These cells are cheaper to produce, and more suitable for Indian households.  

Monocrystalline solar panels:

In appearance, these solar panels have a smooth texture, and you can easily see the thickness of the slices. The cells are costly to produce, which makes the price of such solar panels slightly higher than that of polycrystalline panels. Some monocrystalline solar panels have improved module safety with multi-layer encapsulations. 

With the right solar panels installed in your home, you can generate an adequate amount of electricity to run various appliances. Besides, since you are using solar energy to run your appliances instead of central grid line electricity, it helps reduce your energy bills. 

Solar Battery

You may not need all the electrical energy you generate using solar panels. It is because you might also have grid power supplied to your home. As a highly useful solar product, a solar battery saves the generated electrical energy for later use. In other words, a solar battery is simply a battery that gets charged using the power generated by the solar panels and any other form of electricity. 

Whenever you buy a solar battery, make sure you check its rated capacity and warranty. For regular household electrical needs, popular products such as Solar Battery 150 Ah – LPTT12150H from Luminous India make for a good choice. It is based on tubular plate technology, is corrosion resistant and comes with a 60-month warranty. It also has a strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet that ensures high performance and long life. 

Additionally, before you buy these solar products, you should  evaluate the power requirements of your home with the help of an online load calculator

Solar Inverter

To understand the importance of a solar inverter, you must know about its working first. The conversion of solar energy into direct current needs further transformation into alternating current for you to safely run all your electricals. So, without a solar inverter, you might generate a lot of energy, but have no way to use it. 

It is what makes a solar inverter an integral part of the solar energy systems and is often connected to a battery that stores the generated AC power for future use.

Solar Charge Controller 

A battery that stores electrical energy needs some control over the energy flowing into it. When getting charged utilizing the power from solar panels, the inflow of energy needs to get regulated to prevent the batteries from overcharging. It is where a solar charge controller comes into play. Along with that, a solar charge controller also prevents the reverse flow of current at night. With the help of a solar charge controller, thus, you save the batteries from deep discharge.

Whether you want to go solar for financial or environmental benefits, this list of solar products is what you need to reduce your carbon footprint. Make sure you compare all the solar products and choose the one that best suits all your unique needs.