Effective Ways to Get Links For Your Brand New Online Business

So you’ve made the decision to start your online business… FINALLY! You feel a sense of excitement and fear, all at the same time, and that’s normal. Ultimately, you want your online business to be successful… but it’s not that simple to achieve.

Success with an online business isn’t as simple as the saying “If you build it, they will come.” Aspiring entrepreneurs will start online businesses with a similar mindset, thinking “If you build an online store, visitors will come.” Unfortunately, online businesses don’t work that way… you’re going to have to put in a little more work than that.

With online businesses, your success, and all the effort you put forth is for the approval of the almighty search engines. So in your efforts to try and appease the search engines, which result would you rather have for your business… a higher ranking or more organic traffic to your site?

This is actually a trick question because both results play a significant role in the success of your business. The real question here isn’t whether you want a higher ranking or more organic traffic to your site… the real question is how can you get a higher ranking and more organic traffic to your site?

Well, the answer to that question would be to acquire links, or in other words, devise a link building strategy.

Unless you’re experienced in link building, you’re going to want to seek help from some of the top link building companies to help grow your business, because in all honesty, you can’t do it all by yourself… you’re going to need help at some point. But in addition to that, there are also some things you can do on your own to get links for your new business.

Effective ways to Get Links For Your New Online Business

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Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a website that answers questions by internet users. The questions asked on the site are answered either by experts in a certain field or answered in the form of opinions. Utilizing Quora to answer questions related to your business niche is a great way to get established as an authority.

This question and answer site is also a great way to help you come up with fresh ideas for new content for your site. Your goal in answering questions on Quora is to leave a link to your site to back up the answer you provided. According to, it’s also important to understand that by using Quora, it’s going to be nofollowed, and that’s okay because it’s still a great source for traffic.

See What Links Your Competitors are Acquiring

There’s nothing wrong with doing a little market research to see what type of links your competitors are doing… plus, you’re a brand new website, so you have to start somewhere. Browse the sites of your competitors, check out the type of content and subject matter they’re producing, and take note of the links embedded in the content.

Once you have a list of the links they’ve acquired, reach out to them yourself. You may not want to utilize or mimic all content and links they have but it will definitely point you in the right direction of how you need to approach your link building strategies.

Spark Interest Through Social Media Channels

In order to reach your business’ target audience, you can’t always expect them to come to you… sometimes you have to go to them. One of the best places to reach an audience is on social media. Social media strategies are some of the best ways to acquire links, but all too often, it’s not utilized as often as it should.

Through social media channels, you have the ability to build links through:

  • Building relationships
  • Increasing engagement
  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Building trust

It’s also important to understand that building links through social media isn’t as direct as other link building strategies… it takes a little more time, but it’s still not a strategy to dismiss.

Last But Certainly Not Least, Make Sure You Have Link-Worthy Content

If you want to get links, you first need to make sure you’re creating link-worthy content to begin with. Conduct research in your related field to see what types of content is already out there, and then simply do it better or put a twist on it to make it more insightful or more informative than what’s currently out there.

Whether you choose to incorporate text, video, infographics, or how-to guides, make sure it’s interesting, relevant, entertaining, or informative… Basically, the content you provide needs to benefit your readers. Without link-worthy content, you’re setting your business up for failure before you can even get started.