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Essential Guide to Finding Almost Anyone on the Web

The world has become such a small place, thanks to the internet and social media channels. Don’t you agree? People can connect with their family and close friends with these social media platforms. 

From their latest trip to professional achievements, people share all the details of their life. The web has become home for thousands of profiles that you know. Don’t you think it has become easy to find people on the web over these past few years?  You can even hunt down people who don’t want to be found.

Have you ever tried searching for someone on the web? Be it your long-lost friend, ex-colleague or potential job seeker. On a daily basis, people search for so many people on the web. Be it celebrities or just a singer that you only name of. Either way, you would get more clues to find them or you would end up finding their profile.

These days interviewers also staying one step ahead of the jobseekers. Before screening the candidates in a face-to-face interview, employers are screening their social media platforms to understand more about the candidate.

If you’re also one of those people trying to find someone on the web, then this guide is for you.


Did you saw this coming, haven’t you? Talking about tracking someone on web and leaving out Google is impossible. You could say Search engines such as Google are starting point to search for any information. It allows you to find people online for free. Google scrutinies hundreds of web pages before showing you the desired results. The chances of finding someone is high as it uses advanced commands to narrow down the searches. Often people search using the name, which can or can’t be effective. 

But what about the other important details you know of them such as their city, state, age, job, school, hobbies etc. Putting all these details can make it hard for Google so put one at a time along with their name while searching. Many forget that Google offers image search functionality too. All you have to do is put the image and click search if the social media profile of that person is marked public and if they have uploaded that picture on their wall. Then it will find them in the search results. Image search increases your chances in finding a person on the web.


If you want to find someone through people search services such as Nuwber. It delivers people with reliable and accurate information quickly. This search service not only helps you in finding information about your long lost friend or relative, but it also helps you in finding of people you interact with i.e., your colleague, customer or connection on your social media platforms. You can even find out information about the unknown calls you’re receiving. Enter the mobile number and you will receive all the information.

Nuwber will even allow you to know about your neighbours too. Safety has become a major concern for many. With Nuwber you can find information about your online dates too. Found your perfect neighbourhood or home but wants to know more about who lives there, then all you have to do is enter the address in Nuwber and you will get all the information you’re looking for. Find people you’re looking for with just their phone number, police records, property ownership, addresses, lawsuits etc. All you have to do is visit to get all the accurate information you’re looking for.

Social media

Social media has brought people closer and helped so many to find their long-lost friends and connections. Usually, when you search for someone in search engines you would be redirected to their social media profiles. If you don’t find that person in that particular search. Then it’s time to up your game. You can find them through search i.e., Facebook’s people search or Instagram search, etc.

Search then based on their name, city, school, college or university, workplace. The simplest and easiest way to start your search is by going through your mutual friends. If you narrow down your searches based on their information it is quite easy for you to find them. If they don’t have a social media presence then you could at least find their family or friends. Sometimes people get highly creative while they’re creating their profile, so try finding with their nicknames too.

Public Records

You can easily find a person with the help of public records. Public records will provide you with all the information you’re looking for. They hold all the personal information relating to a person such as their marriage date, birth date, divorce date, death information etc. There are many free sites that will help you in finding such information. Some of them are designed specifically for a specific record such as birth information or death.


There hundreds of ways you can find a person. Thanks to the internet, it has now become easier. From Linkedin to Instagram, you can find people on all these platforms. But all you need is a little patience and perseverance to narrow your searches and find them.

Happy searching!!!!