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Fire Safety Standards for Structured Cabling

When you are installing cabling in your office, its functionality and convenience are far from the only things you should consider. Outdated cables and extension cords are some of the most common reasons for fires in the office.

What are the fire safety standards for structured cabling? What should you consider when installing structured cabling in your office? Are you following Code Of Federal Regulations (CFR)? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Choosing The Right Cabling

According to experts from Firewall Technical, it’s not just important to understand what type of cabling to buy for your office needs. It’s highly important to see how well it can work with the existing infrastructure.

If the building is not designed for a certain type of cabling, even the highest quality materials can turn into a fire hazard.

2. Opting For Professional Installation

Installing structured cabling requires a special approach. A mistake made during the installation process can cause operational problems and compromise the office safety. Trying to install cable on your own may save you money on professional installation but cost you much more in the long run.

An amateur doesn’t have sufficient information and experience to follow all safety standards for structured cabling, thus endangering the office workers and the entire building.

3. Following Electrical Safety

Many people make a mistake of allowing electrical cables to run along network cables. This doesn’t just reduce the quality of the network operation but creates an additional fire hazard. By paying close attention to the location of the network cabling, you can avoid fire safety issues and follow the necessary standards.

4. Paying Attention To Testing

In order to make sure your structured cabling works according to the regulations and offers the right output, you need to do testing. Many companies make a mistake of avoiding the testing phase only to discover problems when it’s too late.

Testing allows you to make sure the system is working properly for efficient troubleshooting in the future.

5. Considering The Office Layout

In order to make sure that your structured cabling system follows the fire safety standards, you have to check the office layout. Is it sufficient to house the network you want to take advantage of? Will the cables have enough room to be safe to use along with electrical wires?

In order to make sure you are following fire safety standards for structured cabling, it’s important to take advantage of professional services. Dealing with network cabling on your own can lead to unfortunate consequences.