The age of digitization has brought massive changes in our lives. It is not wrong to say that today’s life is more straightforward and different from our ancestors’ life. The advancements in technology have made it simple to spend lives successfully. It is the blessing of technology that you are in touch with people living in different corners of the world. If you deeply take a look at your surroundings, you will find technology everywhere. 

Undoubtedly, life has become more comfortable and more straightforward with technology, but everything has its downsides. Technological improvements are not only making it more straightforward for you, but the culprits are taking advantage of it as well. Crimes are not just physical anymore, but virtual crimes are on the verge too. Every year, some different kinds of cybercrimes arise that are scary for everyone. From personal to corporate privacy, none of the areas are safe. 

Since every year has some new cyber issues, there are new security trends to adopt too. After looking into the last year’s virtual security issues, analysts have come up with the latest security trends for 2020. Have you been searching for these trends as well? The top five trends that you should look for in 2020 are discussed below. Give them a read and take necessary precautions to secure your data and stay safe. 


Emails have become an essential communication tool these days. Earlier, people used emails for personal communication. Now, it has become a mode of business communication, as well. On one end, technology is making it easier to communicate for business purposes; some people are targeting emails for data breaches. In the past few years, phishing attacks increased significantly. This year is expecting more phishing attacks than ever. Get in touch with an information assurance engineer to secure your emails from phishing attacks. 


Do you believe that information you share on the internet or social media platforms stays secure? No matter how strict the security or privacy measures you have taken, there is always a loophole. Judith Duportail is a journalist, and in 2017, she asked a dating app to share the information they had about her. The response she received was astonishing. They replied to her with an 800-page document. It had all her likes and dislike, the people she had contacted, and much more. In simpler words, your data is not so personal on the internet or social media platforms. 


Faster services are always intimidating for people. For faster connections and devices, 5G services are introduced for entertaining bigger data volumes and more connections. The technology is making it more straightforward for people, but the cybercrimes will not decrease. Faster devices for supporting 5G bandwidth are also waiting for an introduction in the market. However, research shows that these faster connections do not ensure reliability. However, IoT security can help you stay as secure as possible. 


The majority of you might have heard about ransomware attacks. What are these attacks? In a ransomware attack, hackers target the data of companies available online and demand money in return. Ransomware attacks have been reported for a long time now. As technology advanced, these attackers did not sit back and relax. In 2020, ransomware is getting deadlier and a more significant threat for the people. The only way to stay safe from these attacks is by increasing cloud security. The more secure your data is, the lesser chances of ransomware. Small business antivirus might offer different solutions than enterprise, or personal antivirus. Make sure you get what works best for your needs.


The introduction of artificial intelligence ensured the simplicity of operations in a business. Lately, security issues with ease of work have been observed. AI enables you to anticipate any problems or threats. According to Forbes, 69 percent of executives believe that artificial intelligence is needed to answer cyberattacks. What would happen if your risk anticipating tool is not secure anymore? It admittedly sounds scary, but the fact is undeniable that AI is not easing life only. Malware attacking methods will see some new trends, which is not a good sign for the companies as well as individuals. 


Technological advancements brought several functional changes in our lives. Unfortunately, improvements have become the reason for numerous security issues. The digital era is interfering with the privacy of every person. From social media to simple web browsing, all your information may not be secure. Following strict privacy settings is not enough anymore. Every year has some new cyber issues; therefore, you have to stay updated on the solutions for combating these issues too. The year 2020 will face dangerous ransomware and phishing attacks. Artificial intelligence will not only ease up the systems, but it will also be the reason for cybercrime this year. As they say that every problem has a solution, these problems have one too. Find these solutions and stay secure and safe.