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Five ideas for effective use of advertising

Need help improving your advertising. Go big with outdoor advertising. After reading this article, you can get started on your advertising right away.

Make use of flags

There are different types of flags that you can use if you want to stand out with outdoor advertising. Banner flags (translation: baniervlaggen) are suitable for your business premises or at an event. Drukbedrijf helps you with the design and printing of all your flags. Because of its size, this product is very suitable for use as promotional material. Flags can be made to measure so you can easily adjust your design. When making your design you can keep several sketches next to each other to come to the best print.

Banners are a good alternative

Banners are a good alternative to flags. Banners are easy to mount on your premises but also on a frame. With this type of printing you can determine the dimensions yourself, so you have a lot of space to create a nice design. A nice alternative for a flag.

Also go to fairs

If you would like to promote your company at a fair, flags and banners are not the most suitable materials to take along. X-banners are easy to use and suitable to take to fairs so you can promote your company everywhere. This product has a large surface which makes your design an eye catcher for the public.

Give your building a warm welcome

Would you like to give your premises a warm welcome? Dry walking mats are ideal for this. You can make these mats very long, which allows you to create a kind of red carpet effect. With the right design, everyone enters like a movie star. Because you can make the dry floor mats as long as you want, you have all the space you need for a beautiful design. To create a really beautiful and luxurious effect, you can also hang up balloons with your own design on special occasions so that your company is promoted in a more luxurious way.

Go big with posters

Do you hang many posters on billboards and don’t want the previous ones to show through? Blueback posters are ideal for billboards. Because of the blue back side, the previous design is not shining through, which makes your current design stand out. Blueback posters are also available in ABRI format, which makes them suitable for advertising in bus shelters as well.