Flourish Your Online Business with Top Ecommerce Trends 2019

With the every passing year, the way of marketing has been changing with technology advancements. Each business needs to make a marketing strategy for coming Year to stay competitive in the market place. Consumers’ habits are changing constantly with the sift of technology, so you should adopt new marketing trends like influencer marketing, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to connect with more potential customers. A few top Ecommerce Trends of 2019 that you must follow are rationalized under:

  1. Content Marketing

A few years back, the online marketers use content as a side project. But, these days content is considered a king as it has overshadowed the other marketing techniques. The conventional marketing techniques used to open one-sided conversations toward consumers, but content marketing opens the entrance for two-way conversations and, also makes good relationships with the potential audiences. It helps ecommerce businesses in better engaging with clients by providing useful information and then converts the conversions into ultimate sales. Content marketing is closely related to the SEO. Content marketing has taken the place of eradicated link-building. If you have not yet invested in content marketing, this year you should invest in.

  1. Unparalleled Online Security

Data hackers have been changing the data hacking mythologies with the more advanced hacking techniques, thus the cyber crimes have been increasing at a rapid rate from last decade. This year unparalleled online security will be needed for websites just not to protect their vulnerable user’s information but also to secure their communication. You should install Firewalls and anti-virus protection, Keep update all software’s, practice good password management, use mobile devices safely and back up your data regularly etc to prevent from cyber threats.

  1. SSL Certificate Security Demand Will Surge Up

For the last few years, almost 50% of websites have been using the SSL Certificate to encrypt the customer’s private information like contact details and credit card details that is being transmitted between a website and a web user. It does not only kick out the cyber criminals, but also boost website ranking and build business credibility. The SSL certificate can get installed from SSL2BUY.

But in 2019, it is expected more data breaches, so every e-commerce business will need to install highest form of SSL Certificate that is the EV SSL Certificate.  EV SSL Certificate helps a website to protect from Phishing, or other imposter online threats. The EV SSL certificate mostly used for public facing websites, and the websites have to pass through a globally standardized identity verification process to confirm its legal rights, operational and corporeal existence, moreover to prove the unit has authorized the issuance of the certificate.

  1. Video Marketing

With the social media continuous development, the videos are becoming a best alternate to become famous overnight. It is predicted that Live streaming will become even more eminent in 2019. Moreover, business marketers should use 360-degree videos and personalized videos to reach more potential customers in 2019. Creating a video is more economical than investing on other expensive marketing methodologies. Nowadays, you can build a 4k video with your smart phone and edit your video with simple tools.

  1. Voice Shopping

Nowadays, many of gadgets come with voice search features as it’s quite easy to use and even children can use it. Beside it, voice shopping is on the top trends of e-commerce businesses. It has been seen a great surge in voice assistance products like Google Home and Amazon Echo, So voice shopping will be the newest and the most popular thing in 2019.

  1. Mobile Advertising

As we know, mobile advertising is not a new thing. 60% of the users’ traffic comes from phones. If you have not yet used mobile version website, you are missing great revenue. Your website should be mobile friendly and mobile optimized too. Moreover, you should invest on mobile ads instead of spending big bucks on pay per click.

  1. Subscription Surges

The Subscription based business models are expected to surge in 2019. The subscription based business models like Loot Crate, Amazon Prime, and Birchbox has flourished last year a lot. These models help to provide more personalized service to clients and build a bigger loyal-customer base Ecommerce website. It has been a lot of medium online stores has adopted Subscription based models and has changed the way they used to work. Thus, add a subscription feature in your website so that user can take advantage of seasonal trends.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is already being utilized by some Ecommerce businesses.  It is a completely a new way for consumers to try products as they seems like standing directly in front of the consumers. For example: The Pokemon had been caught by millions of people through augmented reality from different locations. You should also create your website content like that, the consumers may truly experience your products and services.

  1. Review Marketing

The customers trust on a product or service that has a number of reviews. The recent studies show that 70% of customer review about a particular product or service put a great impact on the website visitor’s buying decision.  You should encourage your potential customers to give feedback or place a review about your services so that it would influence new consumers.


Each year Ecommerce websites come with new features and advancements. Thus, it is quite imperative for every business to adopt these features to stay competitive in the market place and to thrive in their business.